Thursday, January 17, 2019

Back in the Honduran groove :)

It's now been 2 weeks since we have arrived back at our house.  Unfortunately Dwayne is still fighting with the fridge to get it working :(  He replaced the fan in the freezer and we thought that fixed the problem, which it seemed to since now the fridge side was getting cold - but then it got to cold! Everything was freezing up!  So that gave me the ingredients to make Vegetable soup!! Cant do much else with veggies once they are frozen :(  He then thought maybe it was the sensor on the fridge side - so replaced that - but still the bottom half of the fridge would freeze up.  I've now moved all the veggies up to the 2nd shelf inside one of the plastic drawers from below and they seem to be ok.  So he is now getting pretty frustrated that he can't get the damn thing to work properly!!  Just dont want to spend the money on a new fridge that will only get used a couple of weeks in July and then not again until probably Oct 2020!! Oh well back to youtube and see if he can figure out what next to replace!

One dead palm removed....

One more to go

Looks a little bare :(

But we found replacements :) 

Flowers around the house

Yes Nikki - just after you asked about tarantulas - found one in the bodega (shed)!!!

Trips to La Ceiba

Momma pig and piglets

Soo cute!

Syd - this is the "chicken bus" we'll be taking :) Don't worry, it's my first trip on one from here to LOL!!!!

Pony running across the road - not sure where momma is??

This is a squatters house along the highway in the ditch - fancy 2 storey with deck :) 

You can see the outdoor stove behind the laundry 

Around here the "swampers" ride on top of the load 

This morning we had to get thru a very large herd of cattle 

Lots of calves right now

Beside the trips back and forth to La Ceiba looking for fridge parts we've kept busy- I've painted a sunset scene on our back patio wall.  I've had the picture I'm coping from back in 2014 when we stayed in Mexico and I took a picture of the wall painting to keep for later :)  Well finally the "urge" to paint happened and once I got going had it all done in 2 days :)  Really brightens up that side of the patio!  Now I have a picture of local birds that I want to paint on the wall at the front door.  But first I will have to fixed the loose cement as the bottom of the wall before I can paint.  Yes this is the same spot we fixed last year :(  The salt leeches from the ground up to the cement coating of the house and makes it into powder - very frustrating trying to find a permanent fix!

This is the wall before painting - not sure where I'll put that sun now.  I've been packing that around since buying in Phoenix while visiting there with a friend back in 2004 :) 

Ahhhh now that's better :) 

This is my first wall painting done in 2012 upstairs under the chompa 

Dwayne has been busy building a "camper" for the back of the truck.  We previously had a box that he built the first year we were here, that we could store our stuff when going to the city and lock it up.  But that pretty well rotted to the point of not being useful, so this time Dwayne is building the camper - even though that is not what we are using it for!  Just gives more room for putting stuff in :) This came in very useful when we drove to San Pedro Sula this past Tuesday to pick up friends from the airport and then went shopping at one of the large grocery stores that have quite a large selection of goods compared to La Ceiba.

Now he will have to paint the camper to match the truck 

Seems we are in for a few days of rain now - so painting for me and Dwayne painting the camper won't be happening until next week.  Now will have to figure out what we can do to keep busy :)

Sunset on the property 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

From Crete, Greece to La Ceiba, Honduras

Good Morning from Honduras!

Our trip from Crete was good.  Started at 6:45am Jan 2 and we arrived in Honduras 6:00am Jan 3 (1:00PM Greece time)  So it was pretty long trip but with the breaks we had in Athens, Rome and Madrid it was not so bad. We enjoyed our last night in Tsikalaria even though it rained all night and was still raining when we left the house at 5AM.  I was just hoping with all the lightning that the flight would still go - and it did.
Our last day was a little wet but left a beautiful rainbow over Chania
Our last meal in Greece, bread stuffing wrapped in a chicken breast, greek salad and roasted potatoes for Dwayne 

Fluffy is really "out" even his little tongue is hanging out LOL!!!  Going to miss these little kitties  

McDonalds ad on Arabic TV - Nice uniforms :) 

This is a New Years cake and inside is one coin for good luck - And you can see I just took a small slice and BINGO!! I got the coin!  Thank god I didnt have to keep eating more of the cake to find that lucky coin 😉

Our first stop was Athens - layover was 4 hours.  We had to wait an hour before the check-in opened for our next flight.  Once thru security (easy) I grabbed my last cheese and spinach pie :(  Oh how I'm going to miss just being able to pick one up from any bakery while walking around!! My hips wont miss them though!! Going to have to work on loosing some weight once back in Honduras - which will be hard since there is ALWAYS someone there that wants to join us for a beer or two! LOL!!

We then flew to Rome and had 3 hours there.  I ended up walking around terminals B, C and D to get some steps in LOL!! Ended up walking 3.5kms.  Had to be careful not to take the wrong escalators to different floors, so as not to walk out of the secured area accidently- otherwise I would be hooped!! No passport,  no boarding pass - yikes! Would have been bad.

Sunset as we are flying out of Rome
Then off to Madrid and another 5 hours layover.  But this time there is a VIP lounge that I have passes for that allows us free access.  But on the way there we pass a Burger King and Dwayne couldnt resist! So of course I joined him for a burger and fries :)  Even at the cost of $30C!!! Then we went to look for the lounge and were surprised at the amount of food that was available - all FREE!! Plus Wine, beer, hard liquor - I was expecting some nice comfortable chairs, wifi and drinks and usually some cheese, crackers sandwiches from previous experience.  Without a pass the cost is $27US per person.  I think we paid $35 each for a lounge in Seattle when we had a long layover there a few years back!  And it had NOTHING compared to this! I had a lobster sandwich! Yummy! Dwayne was even able to take a shower to freshen up! I didnt cuz I didnt have all my "stuff" with me to look presentable after the shower LOL!!! All in the suitcase :)

Sweets section of buffet

Wine bar - yes I did have to have 1 glass of rosè wine :) 

Salad bar - cant remember or able to read what is in the small bowls 

Soup bar - I had a mushroom pork soup 

sandwiches, fresh fruit, yogurt, beer, juices, pop

The bar!

He looks so much better now after the shower LOL!!

So we stayed in the lounge until about an hour before our flight was to leave and then walked over to the gate.  Once we got there I was shocked to see the developer of our place in Honduras - Flor waiting for the flight also!! This woman is a liar, thief and just a total bad person!! But she continues to operate anyways in Honduras. Lots of lawsuits against her but she always seems to be able to payoff the Hondurans to get out of it.  She owes employees months of pay and she tells the labour board she has no money!! And here is the bitch on probably a 2 week holiday in Spain!! Grrrrrrr!!!
At least we didnt have to sit close to her for the 12 hr flight!!

Sunrise coming into Honduras 
 Once we got to Honduras we got thru immigration quickly - 2nd couple thru because we had hoofed it from the plane because the line up gets really long and so does the wait time!!  It wasn't long and there were our bags!! Cant believe they made it all the way from Athens without getting lost!  They must be equipped with good GPS LOL!!!!

We then had to wait for the Avis office to open to pick up our rental.  So had a coffee in the mean while and also got a SIM card for my phone.  Back in business again :)

The Avis office opened at 7 and by 7:15 we were out of the airport and on our way to La Ceiba. Temp at 8am - 27C!   Arrived there 3 hours later so got our internet hooked up first, then to the bank to get the registration for our truck.  But once I got explaining what we needed found out they didnt have any blank forms, but the branch downtown would have some tomorrow!  Ok guess we drive in tomorrow without up todated registration - just have to hope we don't get stopped by the police :)

Hope he doesn't get rear-ended!

Sights in the city

Next stop is for groceries.  Wow prices have gone up!! When we arrive we usually spend about 3500-4000L ($190-218C) but this time it was over 5000L ($273C)!!  And I didnt even buy a lot of meat.  Now it was time to get the expensive groceries to our house - another hour away.

The last 20 kms to our house usually takes the longest because its a dirt road and if it has been raining a lot it is full of ruts, pot holes etc!  As it turned out it was in pretty good shape and we were at our house by 1:30!  Yeah!!!  Our housekeeper had been in yesterday and got our place all ready for us - she is a really wonderful person!  I bought her some nice soaps and body wash from the Body Shop in Chania as a gift along with some cash to show our appreciation :)

Then the rest of the day was spent unpacking and putting groceries away.  Then we realized that the fridge was not working properly. Not getting cold!  Luckily our neighbours are away and we have a key for their place so we were able to use their freezer. Our freezer gets cold enough to keep the fridge stuff cool.  Guess we'll have to look at buying a new fridge tomorrow when we go to return the rental car in La Ceiba.

Friday we leave early for  La Ceiba since we have to have the rental back by 8am.  Once we did that we went to Walmart and a number of other stores to look at fridges.  We decide to buy a small bar fridge first since ours crapped out last spring, and then Dwayne will look at our fridge closer and maybe bring it in to be repaired.  So once we got the bar fridge 4000L ($218C) we headed to the bank hoping the forms would have arrived. This time the clerk spoke English - I find out after trying my best at explaining what I needed in Spanish!! So he checks but no forms came in. He did have one on his desk that was a little wrinkled and dirty - but we said "we'll take it!"  So he printed off the required information and we were done with that for another couple of years.

One more stop at the auto shop to pick up new wiper blades and we were ready to head home again.  Once there and Dwayne had time to look at the fridge and take it apart he found that the cooling fan in the freezer side was not working. The compressor is working but the fan is not working well enough to get the cool air over to the fridge side.  Yeah! Maybe we get to save 29,900L ($1700C)

Dwayne leaves for La Ceiba again on Saturday to go find a new fan.  I decide to stay home and catch up on some laundry and puttz around.  When we arrived I saw that my favourite 2 palm trees on the back patio were both dead!! They were planted probably 5 years ago :(  Later heard from the locals that everyone who had one of those palms died - think a type of spore came from Roatan during one of the storms.  So now will have to get Manuel to dig them out for us and I will have to decide what to replace them with.

These 2 large palms have to be removed

I really cut back this plant in March and it has come back nicely!

I was also told be one of my neighbours who use to also us Travelpod that there is a new website that is free and I can download all my blogs and pictures to Travelark and see them again!  So I was also working on that while Dwayne was gone.  That means I can now delete about 4500 pics from my laptop!  Should open up some more room LOL!!

When Dwayne returns in the afternoon he has the new part with him.- 200L ($15C)!  He installs it and tadaaaa! the fridge works again! He is such a handy type of guy!! And saved us a bunch of money :)

Now we will just hang out, maybe walk to the beach later - its VERY hot out right now - 31C

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Only a few days left - Happy New Year Everyone!

Time is running out on our 2 months on Crete.  It's been a great! The last 2 days have been sunny so of course that always makes it better! Also allows me to get 5 loads of laundry done because I have to hang them outside - and when it is raining well........   Remember this is a small washer so probably only 3 loads, but wanting to get things washed before heading to Honduras.

Also need to start getting the place back in order - the way is was before we got here and made it comfy for us :)  Really going to miss the visits from the kitties, they are funny to watch when playing in the boxes and chasing each other around.  Oh course I like them because no cat box comes with the fun of having the kitties inside!!

Fluffy Jack AKA Buddy

Yesterday we met up with Vivien and Chris to have lunch at a very nice beach area in Marathi.  Beautiful sandy shallow water.  There were a few people in the water, but unfortunately no restaurant was open.  Guess some will reopen after New Years on Jan 7th.  We also went to the village of Stravos, which is where the 1964 file Zorba the Greek was filmed.

Snow capped mountains behind our place look so beautiful in the sunshine!

Beach sea and mountains - Marathi Beach

Area Zorba the Greek movie was filmed
We end up stopping at a small cafe along the way and had sandwiches for lunch along with coffee since no wine was available!!  After lunch we go our separate ways and will meet up again on our last day for lunch. They will be spending New Years at home and like Vivien said "probably in bed by 8!" and I said we would probably be up until 10 LOL!!! She doesnt think there is a fireworks show in the harbour at midnight on New Years.  We'll just spend a quite evening at home and have some wine and tapas and watch a movie :)

The day before we drove inland again and went thru many small villages. At one spot there was a sign showing a hiking path. So we drove in and parked.  Didnt go very far before the path (road) was closed off by a fence to keep the sheep in!  But it was a nice walk.

The hiking path 

Love his/her's black stockings! :)

Plants along the walk

Such cool looking leaves

I know this one is Lamb's Ear

View to the sea

This is the smallest church we've seen

Lots of sheep here - want to drive to the snowy tops!

We then kept on driving inland and I was trying to find roads that would lead us up to the higher mountains and snow!  But it wasn't happening - think we have to take a main road heading south to get near the snow :)  It was a nice drive trying though going thru villages and winding roads up and down the mountain.  We also found a restaurant that we were looking for the first time we had the rental car - but thought it was closed.  This time the outdoor cooking fires were flaming and pots cooking :)  Once we got inside they had a nice fire going which we quickly moved to and snagged a table right infront. So cozy! The owner comes over and explains that everything is organic, grown on their farm from animals to vegetables!  He asked what we liked and we said everything LOL!!  Ok he will bring us a salad, pork, lamb and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves - Ok all that sounds good!! Another typical Cretan meal.

Lamb cooked in parchment

The pork was cooked outside in one of these pots 
It was finished off with chocolate cake - but no raki.  We also did not order wine or beer, just his "mountain tea" which tasted quite similar to moringa tea - a healthy tea.  It was a great meal for 20E and the atmosphere was so cozy :)

Just a couple more of baby lambs :)

They are all SOOOOO cute!!

Time to get the sheep home and milked

That evening I went to get my hair cut here in the village.  Sophia did a great job for only 10E!! She said that I should grow the front out to one length and comb it to the side but keep the rest really short like I have it.  Sure why not - I like trying different styles :) It will take awhile before it will be one length though since I just cut the top 2 weeks ago.  Guess I should have gone to Sophia when we first got here!  Then I told her I would like to put a temporary plum color in!! SURE!! She said that would look great.  So it took her 3 tries of mixing the toner to actually change the color of my hair :)  I've tried it once myself but didn't make much of a difference - so I know what she's talking about! But she finally got it to a nice shade - love it! 30E :)  It will wash out in about 5 weeks :)  And she said she wouldn't forget my name because it's also her mom's name!  Sophia is originally from Germany and moved to Crete when she was 18.  She's probably about 40 now.

It doesn't look very plum in the picture but it is :)

Before and After

Talking with Nikki the other day on FB messenger and had the same problem ending our call - just got different funny pics for our faces! LOL!!!  Don't think I'll get pink hair though!

Guess I'm a rockstar and Nikki is having a relaxing facial LOL!!! Crazy stuff😁
So the next few days we will be making short trips around as long as the weather stays nice. Need to start packing and hoping we don't go over the 50lb limit since we have no weigh scale here and neither do the neighbours or Vivien :(  Guess we will find out at the airport and if we are over, we'll have to unpack some stuff and put into our backpacks!  Hate not knowing before we get to the airport.

We leave Chania airport at 6:45am! I know - crappy time because it means we have to be at the airport by 5:45am!  But only flight out to Athens.  Then we start our 26 hr journey to Honduras!  We do have layovers of 3 hrs in Rome and 5 hours in Madrid - both not enough time to do anything!  We then arrive in Honduras at 6:30AM Thurs so that is good since it gives us the whole day to get some shopping done, get the internet hooked up before heading the our house and arriving when it is still light!! Nice change since we normally don't arrive until it's dark - even though it may only be 6pm!!

January will be our 10th Anniversary of being in our house!  First house we've had for this long! LOL!!  But then not by choice, because if we could sell it we would.  It still ties us down because we need to be there at least every other year, plus the expense.  Which isn't much but still an anchor!  There are so many places to visit during our 6 months of winter travel!!

When we first arrived at the house Jan 3 2009! Not quite finished but it was in 2 weeks :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderful safe healthy enjoyable 2019🎉🍻  Happy New Year! Eftychisméno to néo étos  🎉🍻🍻

Back in the Honduran groove :)

It's now been 2 weeks since we have arrived back at our house.  Unfortunately Dwayne is still fighting with the fridge to get it working...