Where are we?

After not keeping any real record of our travels of the last 4 yrs I, decided I it is time to start 😃  Not sure how this blogging will go but will give it a go!

My husband Dwayne and I retired June 13 2009. Sold our house in Edmonton, AB and "stuff", bought a 5th wheel for Canadian summers and a house in Honduras for the winters.  Freedom at last and finally able to live our dream of travelling! 

So the following 4 winters we spent the majority of our time at our house in Honduras on the north coast - warm Caribbean ocean!  We bought a little truck and drove through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. This was all in the first winter!  We did this travelling because as tourists we are only allowed to stay for 90 days before leaving the country for ?? days (no one seems to know for how long)  and then come back for another 90 days.  We got to see lots and enjoyed the touring around. 

Last winter we flew from Honduras to Thailand to enjoy 2 months of travelling around there. Had lots of fun even though we dont speak Thai!! Always ways to get around language barriers!  I do know enough spanish to get by while in Honduras since few people speak English. 

While we travelled across Canada last fall we met up with new friends in the Maritimes, that were also RVing across. Both couples were from the west (BC and AB)  They were on their way to tour the east US coast and eventually going to the west coast of Mexico for the winter.  After talking to them while they were in Mexico we got the bug to try it for 2013 winter!

After spending the summer in Canada visiting family in Comox, our daughter and her family in Kelowna and our son and family in Edmonton we travelled back to Kelowna Oct 13th. There we spent a final few days visiting.

Oct 19th
After having a great breakfast with our daughter and grandkids we got into the truck with our 5 th wheel attached and headed to the US border. 2 hrs later we crossed the border with no problems. Then headed to Omak, WA to load up with groceries. So nice to be back in the RV. We have had it parked for just about 2 months!

Once the groceries were loaded we headed to Hwy 17 to take the scenic route. The fall colors are awesome! We ended up at Steamboat Rock State Park. Beautiful park with full hookups at $28. There were only 5 other RVs in the park.

Next day we continued along Hwy 17 which eventually connected to I 82 and then I 84 to get us to Pendleton, OR.  We got there early enough to do some touring around. We ended up taking a walk along the river. The path was very nice and we wished we had brought our bikes for a ride. We found lots of neat historical houses along our walk - most kept in beautiful shape

Oct 21 
Left Pendleton in the morning and headed south on Hwy 395.  Lots of beautiful scenery. Had no problems pulling our 32 ft 5th wheel trailer thru. But Dwayne was happy to have jake brakes after having to go over the 4 different summits. Spent the night just outside of Burns. 

Oct 22
Decided we were going to head to Jackpot, NV.  Figured the shortest route would be hwy 20 to I 84 and then south to Twin Falls onto hwy 93. After a long day driving we arrived in Jackpot by 7pm. Time to find a buffet 😉.  There was no room at the RV park so parked in Cactus Pete's parking lot and went in for a delicious buffet!  Next day we moved to the RV park and stayed another day. Not much to see here - took all of 5 mins to see the town!  But we want a day off from driving so made the best of the day.

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