Where are we?

Dec 7
After spending about 2 1/2 weeks in Lo De Marcos and getting familiar with the area it is time to fly back to Canada for Christmas.

We got a ride to the plaza to take the bus to the airport which is an hour away. We were lucky because as we waited a couple from another RV park drove by and since they were driving into Puerto Vallarta offered us a ride.

Once at the airport we checked in and had lots of time before our flight. About half an hour before boarding the Westjet clerk who had checked us in was looking for us. I guess they didn't like our tourist card that we surrender when we got our boarding pass.  Since we drove into Mexico she said they needed a tourist card to showed we flew in. This made no sense to us but I ended up going with her to Immigration. There they completed another tourist card and stamped it with a plane and I then had to pay 300P for each of us???  They couldn't explain it to me clearly but I guess maybe it was an exit tax.

After that the trip went well and we arrived in Kelowna on time. Our daughter,grandson and  granddaughter were there to meet us. We spent 3 days there visiting and catching up. We were also able to attend one of our granddaughter's basketball games which was fun to watch. So hard to believe she is already in high school!

Flew to Edmonton on Dec 11th and visited with our son, daughter in law and our 2 month old grandson!  We last saw him when he was only a week old so lots of changes. So cute now because he is smiling and making gurgling sounds.

Also got to visit with other friends and enjoy time with them.

Then flew to Comox and had a visit with family to catch up. Weather was nice. After 4 days flew back to Kelowna for Christmas

Christmas morning was busy in the Connaughton household!! We got up at 6 but the boys had been up since 5. After the gifts were open and cleaned up we had a nice big breakfast prepared by Nikki.  Later on I got dinner prepared. Marjorie joined us for dinner and we all had fun and eat to much as usual!

We flew out of Kelowna on the 28th to return to Lo de Marcos and 12 hrs later we were at our trailer 😊
 Nov 16

Left at 6:30 am and 1st toll at Guaymas 60P. From San Carlos we headed back 9km to Hermosillo to take turnoff to freeway (toll)

Coming into Obregon another toll 110P

45 mins out of Obregon another toll 110P

In 31/2 hrs we arrived in Navojoa. Only had one stop for fuel. Again driving thru the city people wave. We get lots of compliments about our truck. Guys parked beside us at traffic lights look and smile and give us a "thumbs up"

Outside of Navojoa toll 110P

Diesel at 12.38P / litre

19 km before Los Mochis toll 109P. Also run over by lots of kids asking for money,cookies, pesos. Obviously these kids get that from english speaking travellers. Hard to give anything because before you know there are 20 kids surrounding the truck! And I'm sure if we did give something alot more would start running onto the highway, not a good thing.

Another toll after leaving Guasave 79P

Less then 50km another toll on 15D 164P. Could take hwy 15 but it takes 1 1/2 hrs longer so would easily use that up in diesel. Before we get to  Culiacan toll 164P. Almost at Mazatlan!  Another 200kms

Oops talked to soon. Within 5km another toll 45P!!!

And then another 193P another 5-10km down the road!!

One last toll 179P and 11 hrs later we HAVE ARRIVED AT MAZATLAN!!!  Now to enjoy a day off on the beach 😀

Punta Cerritos RV Park on the far north beach. 340P per night

Total tolls to date 1582P or about $131 CDN

Nov 18

Well yesterday was a nice relax day until Dwayne noticed we had a flat on the trailer. He removed the wheel and found that the rim was cracked. He had this repaired in Edmonton back in Sept. So one of the guys from the RV park went out to find someone to fix it. Because it was Sunday and most places are closed they had no luck. So today Dwayne and I are going to try and find a replacement rim at one of the junkyards.

Success!! After many stops and trying to explain what we needed we finally found a shop that could help us. So bought a new rim got the tire put on and balanced for 1200P. So took it back to the trailer right away to make sure it fit, which it did!!  Now we are ready to leave in the morning on the last leg of the trip - another 6 hrs and not sure how many tolls.

We went back downtown to do a little shopping, bought a tasty bbq chicken done over wood charcoal to take back for lunch. Once we had lunch we headed to the pool for and hr of cooling off. Very windy day - almost had whitecaps on the pool!

Nov 19

Got out of Mazatlan around 7:30am for the last 6 hr leg of our trip . Very busy driving thru the city since it was rush hour, but no real problem. About an hour out we passed thru the last toll 154P. Now will stay on this hwy until turnoff to Ssn Blas where we will continue the trip to LDM along the coast
Still not the last toll- another toll  300P. I read the other day that some tolls may have a cheaper price for tourists so the last 2 tolls I asked "descuentas por turistas?" But just a smile and "no". Oh well always have to ask 😃
Then another toll-- 140P

We turned off hwy 15 west towards San Blas. The road is VERY narrow plus lots of trees hanging over. We travel this road for 35 kms then turn south. Most if the road is better until we get to a small town of Zacualpan. Lots of potholes just before town. About 10 mins later we are on Mex 200 - a better hwy that will takes us right to LDM IN ABOUT 30km 😀. Finally getting there. It is now 2:30

Nov 14
Left Yuma at 7am. Mileage on truck 14600 at Mexico border

Finally into Mexico. Crossed at Lukeville,AZ/ Sonayta, MX.  Small immigration office on right side. There they complete tourist card and then you go across the street to the bank and pay a fee of 295P for 6 month stay. We are in the free zone so dont do anything with our truck insurance until later

Once we just got past the town of Caborca we got to vehicle registration. The truck cost 5942.66P for 6 monrhs and is refundable when you leave Mexico. We received a sticker to place on the windshield which must be returned to customs before leaving Mexico. Also got permit for trailer for 661.34P which is good for 10 yrs. but since we plan on selling the trailer next year we will also return the permit for a refund when we leave so as not to create problems!

It is now 2:30pm and we have an hr drive to Santa Ana to see friends of R & F and spend the night

1st toll before Santa Anna 185P

We stayed at Punta Vista in Santa Ana for 150P power and wayer but no sewer. Went out for dinner just up the road from the RV place and had a blah meal for 143P. I had enchalades de pollo con arroz but not spicy at all!! Went back to the trailer read for awhile then off to bed for another early start

2nd toll before Hermosillo. 110P

Just before the toll booth Eugene had a blow out. Luckily we stopped so I could go to the bathroom because it was then that another driver pointed to his tire. Which also prevented the blown tire to rip off the fender. So once we got in Hermosillo we looked around for a tire shop. While E&D went to get the tire fixed we found a side street to park and wait.

3 hrs later they returned and we continued on. But now only going to Guaymas instead of Los Mochis to make sure we get an rv spot before dark

As we drive thru Hermosillo -the first big city we have driven thru everyone looks at us as if we are with the circus!  Some wave as we go by. We also get waves from people as they pass us on the highway!!

Ended up in Guaymas/San Carlos for the night. Stayed at Totonaka RV Park. 300P for full hookups. Nice place. Near the water but the beach is rocky. Tomorrow if all goes well we may  get to Mazatlan

Oct 28

Artived at Duck Creek RV Resort in Vegas. Planning on staying fir. Week to watch friends drag race their bike. This campground allows us 7 nights with Passport America -$13/n plus tax!  Anyways got parked and settled in then got in the truck to do a little sightseeing. Havent been to Vegas since July 2007. It wasnt long before it was getting dark and we headed back to the trailer. Decided to go have Prime rib buffet at Sam's town but the lineup was to long - would take an hr to get thru. So went over to and had chinese at Panda. We then thought about going to a movie since gambling is not something we enjoy. Found that Gravity was playing to Boulder  Station a couple of miles away. Got in the theatre and found we were the only ones there!  Enjoyed the show in 3D

Next day did more driving around.  Went to the pawn store that is the site of the seekly show Pawn Stars. Not much inside other then souvenir junk promoting their show. Not anything that was pawned!  Continued to drive around the strip then headed to Las Vegas Raceway to buy tickets for the weekend races. Was only $60 each for 4 days of racing!! Dwayne bought a couple of tshirts then drove around and went to the infield of the Nascar track. There is a company by the name of Dream Racing where you can drive a Ferrari 3 laps for $200! Luckily Dwayne wasnt that interested in doing that! We ended up at Sunset Station for a buffet that would turn out to be the best we had for $10!

Wednesday we meet up with Romeo and Frenny for coffee. They had arrived the night before. So we discussed plans of our next meeting in Yuma before heading into Mexico.

The Edmonton guys arrived on Thurs so we went out to see them. They had travelled thru alot of snow in AB and Montana. Were very happy to be in Vegas. We enjoyed the next 3 days of racing. Al did well but got knocked out in the semi finals. He was happy with results.

Nov 4

Packed up and headed to Phoenix but before we left got a message that Steve, Gary, Jim and Gerald were heading to Lake Havasu from Phoenix for a trip on their motorcycles. All are from Canada for 10 days except Steve who is a BC snowbird. The visitors rented motorcycles for the week to do some touring around. So we changed our plans and headed to Lake Havasu. Had been there 2 yrs ago and didnt like it then but will see how it is this time!  When we got there it was still the same but very windy!  So met up with the guys that evening for a few beers and hear about their trips around Arizona. All were happy eith all the riding they had done

Next day they went to Yuma and we headed to Mesa. Wanted to get to the Mesa swap meet. Once I checked on line founf out it was only open Fri Sat and Sun:-(. We found stayed at Towerpoint RV Resort. Nice place. So that evening met up with an old friend Tony and I made supper for all of us.

Next day packed up and headed to Kim and Steve's place in San Tan Valley about and 45 mins away from Mesa. We have been friends since grade seven and since they live in Prince George we dont get together that often. So had a good visit with Kim before the guys returned from Yuma. So again that night we had a bunch of beers and heard more stories. Jim and Gary are heading back to Edmonton in the morning, Gerald is not leaving until Sun. So after an evening of visiting we headed back to our trailer a couple blocks away in the golf club parking lot. Nice and close and free!!

Headed back to Mesa so we could get to the market next day and Dwayne wanted to go to Dodge dealership to get oil changed.

Friday walked around the market until my hips were to sore to go any longer!!  Bought the beaded sandals I wanted plus coasters tile cutter and sheets!! All at great prices. Then spent the afternoon at the pool. We liked Towerpoint so stayed 2 nights so we could use the pool. Next day off to Yuma