Where are we?

Dec 7
After spending about 2 1/2 weeks in Lo De Marcos and getting familiar with the area it is time to fly back to Canada for Christmas.

We got a ride to the plaza to take the bus to the airport which is an hour away. We were lucky because as we waited a couple from another RV park drove by and since they were driving into Puerto Vallarta offered us a ride.

Once at the airport we checked in and had lots of time before our flight. About half an hour before boarding the Westjet clerk who had checked us in was looking for us. I guess they didn't like our tourist card that we surrender when we got our boarding pass.  Since we drove into Mexico she said they needed a tourist card to showed we flew in. This made no sense to us but I ended up going with her to Immigration. There they completed another tourist card and stamped it with a plane and I then had to pay 300P for each of us???  They couldn't explain it to me clearly but I guess maybe it was an exit tax.

After that the trip went well and we arrived in Kelowna on time. Our daughter,grandson and  granddaughter were there to meet us. We spent 3 days there visiting and catching up. We were also able to attend one of our granddaughter's basketball games which was fun to watch. So hard to believe she is already in high school!

Flew to Edmonton on Dec 11th and visited with our son, daughter in law and our 2 month old grandson!  We last saw him when he was only a week old so lots of changes. So cute now because he is smiling and making gurgling sounds.

Also got to visit with other friends and enjoy time with them.

Then flew to Comox and had a visit with family to catch up. Weather was nice. After 4 days flew back to Kelowna for Christmas

Christmas morning was busy in the Connaughton household!! We got up at 6 but the boys had been up since 5. After the gifts were open and cleaned up we had a nice big breakfast prepared by Nikki.  Later on I got dinner prepared. Marjorie joined us for dinner and we all had fun and eat to much as usual!

We flew out of Kelowna on the 28th to return to Lo de Marcos and 12 hrs later we were at our trailer 😊

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