Where are we?

Nov 14
Left Yuma at 7am. Mileage on truck 14600 at Mexico border

Finally into Mexico. Crossed at Lukeville,AZ/ Sonayta, MX.  Small immigration office on right side. There they complete tourist card and then you go across the street to the bank and pay a fee of 295P for 6 month stay. We are in the free zone so dont do anything with our truck insurance until later

Once we just got past the town of Caborca we got to vehicle registration. The truck cost 5942.66P for 6 monrhs and is refundable when you leave Mexico. We received a sticker to place on the windshield which must be returned to customs before leaving Mexico. Also got permit for trailer for 661.34P which is good for 10 yrs. but since we plan on selling the trailer next year we will also return the permit for a refund when we leave so as not to create problems!

It is now 2:30pm and we have an hr drive to Santa Ana to see friends of R & F and spend the night

1st toll before Santa Anna 185P

We stayed at Punta Vista in Santa Ana for 150P power and wayer but no sewer. Went out for dinner just up the road from the RV place and had a blah meal for 143P. I had enchalades de pollo con arroz but not spicy at all!! Went back to the trailer read for awhile then off to bed for another early start

2nd toll before Hermosillo. 110P

Just before the toll booth Eugene had a blow out. Luckily we stopped so I could go to the bathroom because it was then that another driver pointed to his tire. Which also prevented the blown tire to rip off the fender. So once we got in Hermosillo we looked around for a tire shop. While E&D went to get the tire fixed we found a side street to park and wait.

3 hrs later they returned and we continued on. But now only going to Guaymas instead of Los Mochis to make sure we get an rv spot before dark

As we drive thru Hermosillo -the first big city we have driven thru everyone looks at us as if we are with the circus!  Some wave as we go by. We also get waves from people as they pass us on the highway!!

Ended up in Guaymas/San Carlos for the night. Stayed at Totonaka RV Park. 300P for full hookups. Nice place. Near the water but the beach is rocky. Tomorrow if all goes well we may  get to Mazatlan

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