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Jan 1, 2014

As we reflect on the past year, we can say we've had an awesome 2013!

We started the year by flying to Thailand from Honduras. We had arrived in Honduras in Oct 2012. Enjoyed a few months there. We really enjoyed the Thailand trip even though 29 hrs of travelling gets a bit much. But once we got to Bangkok and rested a day we were ready to see the city! Didn't take us long to figure out the skytrains and getting around. We travelled north by bus and by train. Both exciting and fun. We also bused into Laos for a couple days before flying back to Bangkok and travelling south by train. It was all a great experience.

We also got to travel from Halifax to New York City with our 5th wheel. Really get to see the sights that way. Had a great RV site right along the Hudson River across from Manhattan. The subway was close so we travelled all over the city. Also took a hop on hop off bus tour so got around  to even more areas. Bicycled around Central Park and took in a baseball game with hotdogs at Yankee Stadium.

Then returned to western Canada thru the states where we had not travelled before. Taking in the city of Elkhart where most RVs are built. Along with visiting the RV museum displaying all sorts of RVs from years ago. 

Our summer travels took us to Comox then Kelowna and finally to Edmonton. While in Edmonton we were there for the birth of our 7th grandson. 

By mid Oct we were travelling back south heading to Mexico for the winter. We travelled with 2 other couples and finished up at Lo De Marcos which is right on the beach about an hour from Puerto Vallarta. Even though the waves are big at times it is so nice to be by the water. 

After a 3 week stay it was time to fly back to Canada to visit the kids for Christmas. We spent time in Edmonton then flew to Comox and finally back to Kelowna for Christmas day. We had great visits at all places. By Dec 28th we headed back to Mexico to end the year on a nice warm beach where it also started.

We give thanks often for being so lucky as to enjoy this lifestyle we have chosen - which is being Gypsies 

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