Where are we?

Feb 13

Arrived at Chacala and found a prefect stop along the beach. No one else around. Hoping that Rocky and Ronaye will arrive this weekend in their sailboat. The weekend got busy with lots of locals enjoying the beach. We had bought 2 hammocks and had prefect spots in the palms to swing and people watch. The water is so much calmer here so enjoyed lots of water time but split my boogy board on the first big wave! Monday came but no Rocky and Ronaye. So went to the internet cafe and checked email and found out that they were still waiting for their dinghy motor to be fixed. Probably not ready until Tues night. Wrote back that we have decided to stay until Thurs so hopefully they could still come by. After that we went into the water and using our boogy boards swam around. On the way out I stepped on what I thought was a stringray in the sand and got stung on the foot. Started yelling at Dwayne that something had bit me. I paddled to shore and saw that the sting was bleeding and my foot was going numb. It really really hurt. Limped to the trailer's outside shower and washed off the sand. The pain was unbearable. Got in the truck to find a medical clinic and was lucky that there was one 3 blocks away. Limped in and saying how much it hurt and the medic said "stringray" and I said think so. He had to get Dwayne to go out a d find hot water and in the meantime he gave me a shot of pain killer.  Dwayne got back about 10 mins later after getting hot water from a restaurant. Put my foot into it and the pain was almost gone. Seems that is about all that can be done. After awhile we left with the hot water. But since I didnt have my foot in it after a few minutes the pain came back again!  Once we got back to the trailer I quickly got out and Dwayne brought the hot water. And that was how the afternoon went - Dwayne changing the water to keep it hot. Finally I was able to keep for foot out!  Checked out the wound and saw the red line from the bottom of my fot up the inside of my ankle. It was very sore.  The pain was finally almost gone by Friday!

Rocky and Ronaye made it go Chacala by Wed afternoon. Once they got anchored they cMe to shore. We had a few rums and had a great visit. Then off to a shrimp dinner at one of the local restaurants. We said we would like to see their sailboat next morning before they left. Said we would swim out to their boat

Next morning we did swim out to their boat against some big waves. Finally made it and got onboard. After  a tour of their boat I had to get off because getting seasick just bobbing in the bay!!  I know I couldn't enjoy this lifestyle!  But they definitely love it!!

Feb 1

I volunteered to help out at the silent auction for Amigos de Lo de Marcos. This was held at the main plaza. They had lots of things to bid on.  I wanted an electric fondue set but was out bid by the person who donated it because a friend of hers' wanted it!  I didn't bid on anything else. There were lots of other things happening at the plaza so after my shift was finished we walked around some more. There was going to be music and dancing later in the evening but passed on that. The 3 of us went for dinner then back to the trailer

Feb 3

Market day in Guayabitos so took Mar there.  Then we walked the town since she was looking for dresses for her grand daughters and one for herself. Never did find anything. But since we were going to PV the next day I told her she would find something there

Feb 4

We drove the truck in to Walmart in PV and then took the local bus into centro. Got to the malecon and started shopping again. Or at least Mar was. We would sit and enjoy the view of the bay. She didnt take long before finding what she wanted. Also found the Pandora store 😊.  After that we jumped on the bus again and went into Old PV.  We were looking for a place to have lunch but found all the places pretty expensive. So walked about 3 blocks away from the beach and found a prefect little place with burritos for only 50p!!  After that did a little more walking then again back on the bus to head to the truck. Once there drove to Buscerias for Mar to see the little town.  Again a little more shopping but this time it was me- found a nice round plaque with Bienvenidos for our house in Honduras.

Feb 6

Last day for Mar's visit.  Took her to the airport for 3pm and then we headed to the Grand Palladium for the next 3 nights to visit with Judy, Marcel, Rand and Jacquie.

Feb 9

Had fun at the Paladium with lots of food and drink!  But now time to head back to the trailer to get ready to move. Will be leaving for Chacala on Thurs

Jan 27 2014

9:00 left Lo de Marcos with Margriet with us to go to Guadalajara for 3 day trip

The road to Compostela is very windy!! Thinking that ghe San Blas cut off is still better to take

Just after leaving Compostela we have our 1st tole 35p instead of 70p because removed one set of tires from the duals

Now that se are the mountains the temperature is alot cooler. At 10:30am it is 21C we are now at 4200ft

We get to Chapilla and take hwy 15 Libre. We are now in the valley (2760 ft) and there are lots of sugar cane fields. The air is very smokey from the burning of the sugar cane

We got to Tequila and looked for a tour. When we did find it we couldnt find any parking for our truck. Decided to go onto the next town Amititan and check one out recommended by a fellow RV'er. Got there while it closed between 2-4. We had passed one that was open so went there. The fee 250p for 1,5 hr walking tour. Thought since it was already 3 that would bring us into Guadalajara late dspecially since we had to drive thru the city to get to find our hotel

So continued on and in about 30 minutes we were on the main hwy into Guadalajara.  I was following maps with me app on the ipad and was the trucks gps to make sure I was on track. Things were going real smoothly. Then when we got to our turnoff we couldn't exit. Took next exit then made our way back and tried a second shot at it but this time stayed on the lTteral not main hwy. found hotel shortly after that. Checked into Hacienda de Sol which also has co eted parking. The room worked for us - a king bed and double bed.

Once we got unpacked we went out to find where to pick up the Red Double decker tour bus the next day. Never did find it but did find the main square where there was a lot of activity.  People had stalls set up selling DVD's, toys, different roasted nuts and of course food!!  We had the local tacos - always a great taste for the peso!!  At 7p each we had 4 each. Then of course dessert- vanilla layer cake for me, carrot cake for Dwayne and blue berry cheese cake for Mar. All were great!  Then did a little shopping around and headed back to the room

Jan 28
Next morning we were ready to go after breakfast to find the Red Bus. This time found the stop and after asking around found out the bus didnt get there until 11:15 and it was now only 9:30 😔.  This gave us lots of time to walk the shops and see their wares. And there was lots!! Stores full to the ceiling with pottery items like plates,bowls and pots

Well it finally came time to get back to the stop. A few minutes late the bus arrived. All excited to finally get on we were told the bus wouldnt be leaving until 12!!   So we waited a little longer and THEN got to get in. Once on the upper deck got settled and ready for the tour.  The bus went to Talaquepaque first. There we changed buses an on the Guadalajara centro. Once there we got off the bus and had an hour to walk around.  Had a quick bite of more tacos (cant ever get to many of those ;-). And back on the bus for a furthur tour of Guadalajara for an hour. Then back thru Talaquepaque to Tonala. We really wanted pizza but couldnt find any so for a change had KFC LOL!!!  Mar did some more shopping and then back to the room and crashed!!  First we checked the map and decided we had seen enough stores and since we really dont drink alot of tequila we would pass on the tour and taking the same route home. Instead we would head west to Barra de Navidad and check out what is there for RV sites.  Booked a room at Haceinde de Melaque then lights out!

Jan 29
In the morning while checking out the route decided it would  be nice to go to Lake Chapala and see what it is like.  First we had to find an Autozone because we need a new air filter. After Dwayne went behind the counter to help the clerk find it there was only 1. Which was unfortunate because since the filter was not in their system we were  only charged 92p for air filter that would cost about $55 in Canada

Now I used the truck's nav to get us out of town to Lake Chapala which it did pretty good. So off to the lake with no problems. It's only about 50 km southwest of Guadalajara. We were there for a late lunch (ceviche-me fish fajitas- Mar and chicken burger -Dwayne. We hurried because we knew we had about 4 hr drive to Melaque. Once we got onto Mex 80 we figured out why 258km would so long!!  We were driving up windy mountain roads then down then a small pueblos and back over the next mountain range. And so on so on!! These roads were built for motorcycle riding!! Will have to google the hwy and find out if anyone has ever counted the curves. The views were wonderful, the road crazy and when near the summits (4200') no guard rails!  Shrines on many curves. We were 7km from Barra before the road finally straightened out. Quite the hwy!! We travelled over 3 different mountain ranges.

Found our hotel Haceinda  de Melaque. We just dropped off our stuff and headed to the beach to check it out. Was pretty quiet. Found a restaurant and ordered seafood salad - a mix of shrimp octopus and conch. Dwayne had garlic shrimp but wadnt to happy with it since the shrimp werent peeled. After that walk

Jan 30

We took a drive into Barra de Navidad and checked out the market. Mar found a few items to buy and I bought some nice looking strawberries. Then off we went back to the hotel to get our suitcases and head back to our trailer.

The drive north took us again on a windy road. We thought this was not really where we wanted to drive with our trailer. We stopped at La Manzanillo which has a really nice beach and very few people. But the road in was not one to bring our trailer thru.

A few hours later we were in Puerto Vallarta and found a Pizza hut to have pizza for lunch. Then stopped at the Supermercado for groceries and were back at the trailer for dinner

The next day we met up with Judy and Marcel at the hotel. We were going to stay there and visit for the day but that would mean paying $60 each since it is and all exclusive. So we scraped that idea and took them back to our trailer. Had a nice afternoon on the beach and had a good lunch at the "red chair" restaurant.  After taking them back to the hotel we went to a Fiesta in Lo de Marcos which included dancing horses, charro cowboys sowing their roping skills. Even standing on their saddles and jumping thru the loop. The horse didnt move an inch! There were also dancers dressed in traditional attire doing wonderful dances. Great evening!

Feb 1

I volunteered to help out at the silent auction for Amigos de Lo de Marcos. This was held at the main plaza. They had lots of things to bid on.  I wanted an electric fondue set but was out bid by the person who donated it because a friend of hers' wanted it!  I didn't bid on anything else. There were lots of other things happening at the plaza so after my shift was finished we walked around some more. There was going to be music and dancing later in the evening but passed on that. The 3 of us went for dinner then back to the trailer