Where are we?

Feb 1

I volunteered to help out at the silent auction for Amigos de Lo de Marcos. This was held at the main plaza. They had lots of things to bid on.  I wanted an electric fondue set but was out bid by the person who donated it because a friend of hers' wanted it!  I didn't bid on anything else. There were lots of other things happening at the plaza so after my shift was finished we walked around some more. There was going to be music and dancing later in the evening but passed on that. The 3 of us went for dinner then back to the trailer

Feb 3

Market day in Guayabitos so took Mar there.  Then we walked the town since she was looking for dresses for her grand daughters and one for herself. Never did find anything. But since we were going to PV the next day I told her she would find something there

Feb 4

We drove the truck in to Walmart in PV and then took the local bus into centro. Got to the malecon and started shopping again. Or at least Mar was. We would sit and enjoy the view of the bay. She didnt take long before finding what she wanted. Also found the Pandora store 😊.  After that we jumped on the bus again and went into Old PV.  We were looking for a place to have lunch but found all the places pretty expensive. So walked about 3 blocks away from the beach and found a prefect little place with burritos for only 50p!!  After that did a little more walking then again back on the bus to head to the truck. Once there drove to Buscerias for Mar to see the little town.  Again a little more shopping but this time it was me- found a nice round plaque with Bienvenidos for our house in Honduras.

Feb 6

Last day for Mar's visit.  Took her to the airport for 3pm and then we headed to the Grand Palladium for the next 3 nights to visit with Judy, Marcel, Rand and Jacquie.

Feb 9

Had fun at the Paladium with lots of food and drink!  But now time to head back to the trailer to get ready to move. Will be leaving for Chacala on Thurs

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