Where are we?

Feb 13

Arrived at Chacala and found a prefect stop along the beach. No one else around. Hoping that Rocky and Ronaye will arrive this weekend in their sailboat. The weekend got busy with lots of locals enjoying the beach. We had bought 2 hammocks and had prefect spots in the palms to swing and people watch. The water is so much calmer here so enjoyed lots of water time but split my boogy board on the first big wave! Monday came but no Rocky and Ronaye. So went to the internet cafe and checked email and found out that they were still waiting for their dinghy motor to be fixed. Probably not ready until Tues night. Wrote back that we have decided to stay until Thurs so hopefully they could still come by. After that we went into the water and using our boogy boards swam around. On the way out I stepped on what I thought was a stringray in the sand and got stung on the foot. Started yelling at Dwayne that something had bit me. I paddled to shore and saw that the sting was bleeding and my foot was going numb. It really really hurt. Limped to the trailer's outside shower and washed off the sand. The pain was unbearable. Got in the truck to find a medical clinic and was lucky that there was one 3 blocks away. Limped in and saying how much it hurt and the medic said "stringray" and I said think so. He had to get Dwayne to go out a d find hot water and in the meantime he gave me a shot of pain killer.  Dwayne got back about 10 mins later after getting hot water from a restaurant. Put my foot into it and the pain was almost gone. Seems that is about all that can be done. After awhile we left with the hot water. But since I didnt have my foot in it after a few minutes the pain came back again!  Once we got back to the trailer I quickly got out and Dwayne brought the hot water. And that was how the afternoon went - Dwayne changing the water to keep it hot. Finally I was able to keep for foot out!  Checked out the wound and saw the red line from the bottom of my fot up the inside of my ankle. It was very sore.  The pain was finally almost gone by Friday!

Rocky and Ronaye made it go Chacala by Wed afternoon. Once they got anchored they cMe to shore. We had a few rums and had a great visit. Then off to a shrimp dinner at one of the local restaurants. We said we would like to see their sailboat next morning before they left. Said we would swim out to their boat

Next morning we did swim out to their boat against some big waves. Finally made it and got onboard. After  a tour of their boat I had to get off because getting seasick just bobbing in the bay!!  I know I couldn't enjoy this lifestyle!  But they definitely love it!!

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