Where are we?

Mar 11

We arrive at Totonaka RV in San Carlos and meet up with Hanneka and Rolf again. Romeo and Vreny left a week ago heading back to Canada. We decide to stay for 5 nights. 

We do some touring around. One stop is at a beach south of Guaymas that is totally covered with all sorts of shells. We spend a couple hours looking and picking up shells. We also tour thru San Carlos. The area around here us pretty bare. More desert with few trees. 

We are leaving San Carlos and heading to Bahia Kino west of Hermosillo with R and H and will soend a few days there before heading to Yuma.  This will be our last few days in Mexico :-(
Feb 21
After  a week in Chacala we left to go to Teacapan. RV site was right in the beach. Paying for a week avg out to 192P a night. The is also a pool. The RV site itself was not great. Pretty bare. No humidity here. The closest town is 28 km away.

Feb 28
Dwayne's birthday is spent driving to Mazatlan. We meet up with Hanneke, Rolf, Vreny and Romeo. Together we all go out for dinner to celebrate Dwayne's birthday. We stayed Cerrito's RV park for 4 nights at 300p/a night. We got to see the Carnival parade while there. We left on Monday to go to El Fuerte  to start our Copper Canyon trip

Mar 3
Get to Bugainvillas Motel in El Fuerte and meet up with Emmy and Leo. They are also going to Creel by train. Camped out in the field 175p/night. This is where we leave out rig for the next 5 days while touring Copper Canyon.

Next day we took the train to Creel. 2nd class 1300p for 2.  This is an 8 hr ride thru beautiful canyons. We arrive in Divisadero after 6 hrs for a 20 min break to have lunch and see the view of the canyons. 2 hrs later we arrive in Creel to stay at Casa Margarita's 400p/ night for room eith 2 double beds and bathroom. Nice view if the plaza

We took tours thru small villages and akso down to La Bufa which is about an hour from Bilopilas. The road is in the process of being paved which is big improvement from the gravel road!!

Day 4 we took a bus to Divisadero. There we stayed at a rustic place Cabins at Copper Canyon Trail. 400p Very cold here. Had to put the heater in in the room. We went to the Adventure park and took the tram ride - 250p each. There is a zipline but didnt do it because you have to walkover 2 suspension bridges which is not something I like!  Also because of my broncitis breathing at 2500 meters is difficult

Next day we did some walking around and caught the train back to El Fuerte at 1:30pm. Arrived in El Fuerte at 7:30. The next day we packed up and headed to Alamos

Mar 9
Drive up to Alamos was interesting. We travelled thru heavy rain and then hail. Enough hail fell that it was on the roadside and ditches making the ground white!  As we enter Alamos we have to take a detour because the highway is being repaired. This is not good because dont know what we are going to come across!  Not long into the drive to get to a corner that is to tight to turn at. Now Dwayne has to backup to figure out what we are going to do. We create a bit of a traffic jam until we can straighten out. We then took another side road hoping it would work. At the end we had to rive aways ahead then backup to turn the trailer to make the corner. The next corner was tight but again made it. Now we are finally on a wider road. We see a tour bus heading towards us so we know we must be on a good road. Not long after we are on this road Dwayne pulls over to let the built up traffic thru. A policia comes up to us and asks where we are going. We tell him and he says to wait. He goes ahead and checks traffic. He stops traffic and waves us around the corner. Then there is another policia holding up traffic so we can turn left into the campground!  They were very helpful. Even came into the campground to tell us where the office is. We register get the trailer set up ( we are the only ones there). Then go for a walk into town center. It is still raining abit.  That night we ended up having to take out our heavy comforter it was that cold!! And we not even that high. Only about 350 meters.

This town has alot of Canadian and US expats living here. We rode our bikes around to check out the town and also to find a better road out for when we leave the next day.  We found the road and were happy with that. Took a little tour around town later in the afternoon via tour car. The driver spome English so told us interesting facts of the town. Very beautiful little town

Next day we left to go to San Carlos with no problems at all