Where are we?

Delft Weekend

Saturday Oct 20th

Today were drove to Delft to check out the markets.  We eat our way around the Centre LOL!!  I got to have a yummy salted herring in a bun - neither Dwayne or Mar were interested!?? Then we had a  Stroopwaffel and coffee, along with a few cheese samples :) Also tried some more fried fish - not sure what kind it was but it was tasty:) It was a wonderful 2 hours. Love Delft 😍 Someday I hope we can rent a place and spend 3 months here - maximum a tourist can stay in a 6 month period 😝  The vibe here is great - not to busy but still has lots of energy.

After our parking meter ran out (3.50E -$5.25C per hour) we went over to our cousin's house nearby. Once we got there is was as if we had just been there - not the 1.5 yr it has been :)  We sat and had coffee then wine and cheese and caught up. Last time Noelle and Eric had seen Mar was in the summer of 2007 when there were over in Canada visiting.  They hope to come to Canada again next April with their kids (14 & 16)  They are driving to Paris next Thursday for 3 days while the kids are out of school for a break. Nice hey?!  And another family - daughter of another cousin - have gone to France this weekend for a camping trip.
Love the Lamp light in the park

Lots of strawberries

Ahhh there is my salted herring :) 
All types of breads for sale

parking is pretty tight here - driver has to be careful when getting out!!

Walking towards the main square 

The musical organ on the move to another spot to play and collect money 

Giant Stroopwaffles 

1 bundle of roses 3E, 2 bundles 5E there has to be at least 10 roses a bundle!
Main square vendors
Sometimes bikes just don't get parked properly and land in the canal!

Off to some kind of medieval festival?
The coffee guy 

Baby swans. Takes about a year before they turn white

My cousin Noelle and husband Eric

Sunday Oct 21st

Today we drove towards the coast. Very windy and cool. Didnt get to stay long because couldnt get the parking meter to work - and we don't want parking tickets! So after that we drove back to Noelle and Eric's for and afternoon of wine and snacks.  We stopped at a grocery store and picked up a whole bunch of different snacks and wine.  After we got to their place Noelle wanted to go to the local greenhouse and look at trees because she wants to put a new tree in the backyard. 

So we all got in the car and headed to the store. HUGE greenhouse - and at this time of year they also have different Christmas displays and lots of ornaments for sale. Very pretty walking thru. Plus lots of plants that can still be planted now - pansies for the winter :) 

After that we drove back to the house and it was so nice and warm out we could enjoy wine and appies outside :)  We did end up drinking ALOT of wine and I know Mar and I will be suffering tomorrow - Dwayne being the driver only had 2 beer and small glass of wine.  We left around 9 for the hour drive back to our cabin.  Tomorrow we have to pack up and move to Den Haag for 4 nights. The place we are staying at is right near the beach area - even though it will be way to cold to sit on the beach, it will be nice to walk there.
A few daffodils left in the grower's fields 

The beach was a little bear but lots of people were walking along the walkways above the beach
In the greenhouse store

Lots of Christmas displays

One way to keep the kids busy while the parents are shopping!

Marshmallows and sticks for sale in the BBQ area

Funtimes in the backyard :) 


  1. This sure makes me want to go to Holland and discover this stuff for myself. Or is it the Netherlands? LOL

  2. Those marshmallows on sticks is a great idea! Looks like a decent marshmallow too; not those crappy chemical ones here in N.America. Delft is one place I didn't make it to when we were in the Netherlands.

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    2. Yes, Lyd I see your post. Got an email notification.