Where are we?

Haarlem, Alkmaar and Zaanse Schans

This morning we got away fairly early - for us - 10am :)   Made our lunch again and headed towards Haarlem. Unfortunately couldn't find the way to the centre without having to walk along ways! Plus parking is 4.50E for an hour. Eventually we found a spot to park that looked like it was close to a pedestrian mall. So we parked and started walking. Really wanted to find a place to have a coffee and dessert :)  We found both and then a place to sit on the grass next to the canal :)  After that we went to a bakery for a loaf of bread but he was already sold out of white bread - only brown which Dwayne didnt want. So we ended up at the Albert Heijn store to buy from their bakery.

Cathedral of St Bavo
Built from 1895 to 1930. 

Time for coffee and cake break 

But it wasn't long before our hour was up and we had to head back to the car. Next stop is further north, Alkmaar - cheese sales capital of the north. Fridays from May to beginning of September "cheese sales" the old-fashion way is demonstrated in front of the medieval weighing house. There is also a museum dedicated to the Beatles because John Lennon's first guitar was made in Alkmaar. We drove thru many of the streets along the canals looking at the beautiful buildings there. But unable to find a suitable parking spot to walk around.

This is a pic off the internet to show the "cheese sale" demonstation

Now the next stop I know we can find parking and get out to walk around since we did it 2 years ago. Thought Mar would enjoy Zaanse Schans. Its and area where a number of windmills have been restored and the public can go in and see different uses of the windmill. We went into the mill that makes spices. Such a nice aroma in the building! :)  Bought a few small jars of different flavoured mustards that are made there. Next was a cocoa bean grinding mill where hot chocolate was sold. There were other mills for making lumber and another that made paints for artists.  There was also another wooden shoemaker with demonstrations and of course hundreds of shoes for sale!! Then onto a cheese market. Nice place to visit because so many different cheeses samples to try :) We bought a couple of different types of cheeses after trying many samples :)  Mar bought herself some souvenirs.  It was now time to head home as it was already 5! Luckily we are only about 20 kms from home :)
Looking over towards the restored windmills

Houses within the restored area 

This would make a nice painting :)

Ya I think they are a little big for you Mar!!

Love it! doin' the clog dance LOL!!

Welcome to my cute little house :)

As we are driving home we see the oddest thing! As we are about to head under the NorthSea Canal thru a tunnel a HUGE cruise ship is passing in front of us! To bad I wasn't faster with the camera - it would have made a fantastic picture!  We instead get off the highway and find a road that will take us to the canal so we can watch the cruise ship go by.  Needless to say we were kept busy waving at the passengers as the ship went by LOL!  Love the engineering in Holland where you can drive thru a tunnel with a cruise ship passing over or an underpass while a plane taxis overtop!
Here it comes!

This is one huge ship for the canal
Once we got home I was to tired to make supper so decided a cheese buffet with the cheeses we bought today and sausage we bought yesterday would suffice for a good meal :)

Tomorrow we will head further north and hopefully cross the dike that closed off the North Sea and created the Ijssel Lake.  We sure are enjoying the warm weather here averaging 20-22C, getting to wear capris again 😎

Here are a few pics of where we are staying
Our transportation and our temporary home:)

our bedroom - small but comfortable :)

Mar's room - 2 single beds also

Good sized living room with couch and love seat 
The fridge is right under the microwave

Nice kitchen with all the stuff I need :) oh and TV to watch CNN or BBC news 

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  1. I remember enjoying Zaanse Schans. I bought a variety of mustards plus cheese when I was there. Your cruise ship sighting was amazing!