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On to our next home for 4 nights

Monday Oct 22

Today is moving day. We're not feeling to bad after yesterday's wine :)  We get everything packed and out of the room by 10am - check out time. I called the next place to see if we could check in early but no :(  have to wait until 3pm.

So we go to Lieden on the way to Den Haag to see the windmill that we can actually go into. But when we get there we find out its closed on Mondays :(  We find parking in the grocery store parkade and start walking around. We tried parking on the street but could not find the pay post. After asking a local we were told you have to have an app on your phone to pay for parking! Dumb if you're a tourist! Anyways the parkade is great.  We walk over to the main square and there is a Pannenkoekken Huis (Pancake house) Now the dutch pancakes are more like a crepe - but a HUGE crepe! We ordered plain pannenkoekken with powdered sugar.  When it gets to us its as big as the plate! Pour on syrup and then rolled it up. Yummy!! After that we grabbed coffees from McD's next door and headed to the cruise boat to take a tour through the canals.
Got to see the plane taxi over the main highway :) 
The windmill we couldnt get into today 

Main square in Leiden

Pancake house:)
To bad I missed taking the picture before rolling it up - looks a little odd LOL!!! The pancake was as huge as the plate.

Our tour boat for cruising the canals 

Botanical Gardens date back to the 1500s

Conservatory at Linden University -1663

Views along the canal

Nice house boats :) 

This city is very pretty. Lots of houseboats along the canal. This is also the city that  Rembrandt was born in and is home to the oldest University in the Netherlands - 1575.  We will be staying here on Friday night at an Air BnB but by the time we take the car back to Amsterdam and take the train back there wont be a lot of time to do any sightseeing and in the morning we have to leave early on the train to get to the airport.  We plan to go back sometime this week so we can go into the windmill.  The city is only about 20 mins from where we are staying in Den Haag.

After the canal cruise we headed to the cabin, which is located just outside of Den Haag near the sea. Checking in is very easy since they mailed us a key card before leaving Edmonton. This got us through the gate but once at the cabin, it didnt work :(  So off to the office I go and get an actual key. We get in the cabin, which is not as nice as the one we were in previously!  But it will do.  It costs more per night then the other chalet/cabin.  This one is $109E/n ($164C) and the last one was $80E/n($120C)  But this one is by the sea so very popular. And its a VERY large resort area. There are lots of different sizes chalets to rent, there is also camping spots, indoor swimming pool, grocery store, laundromat.  Lots of places for kid's activities.  And since this week is a holiday for the kids from school it may be why it is so expensive.

High-rises downtown Den Haag as we are driving in 
Since this cabin is also set up for handicapped the whole kitchen  counter and cupboards go up and down with a crank 

Twin beds again 
Beautiful area

Twin bed behind the chair for Mar
Dwayne pointing out where our cabin is within the whole resort. 

We had my cousin Derek along with his son Tobias and his girlfriend Denise over for dinner. They all live in Den Haag. Had a great visit with them.

Crazy bunch! 

Tuesday Oct 23

Today will be a quiet day. Nothing planned until dinner, we have invited Noelle and the kids over. Eric has a work dinner to attend.  Also decided a good day to do laundry because it was cool and cloudy out. In the afternoon we went out to the beach to watch all the kite surfers out in the water - hundreds of them! Amazing how high they jump up with their kites. They love the windy days on the beach!

Look close at this pic and you can see how high the surfers get! He was surfing on the water this side of the sandbar.

Hope this video works to show how fast this kiters go!

Another high jump!

Then around 5 the Bosschers arrived for dinner and another great visit :)  

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