Where are we?

Arrived in Tsikalaria

Wednesday Oct 31,

This was a quiet day since we've seen what we came for and now need to get ready again for the flight tomorrow morning at 7:50am!! Means we have to leave here by 5:30 on the train to make it.  As it turns out that is the earliest the train starts!  I went online and checked us in. Didn't ask how many bags?? Odd.

We went to the metro station to find out about buying our ticket today instead of early in the morning. After waiting in line for at least 20 mins we finally get to the ticket wicket. I heard from a worker that there is a price for seniors - only 5E one way instead of 10E. I said we weren't offered that when we arrived, she said because you don't look 65 - you need to tell them :)  Awww my new BFF! LOL!!! So I showed my AB driver's license,  since I didnt have my passport with me, when I asked the clerk for a seniors ticket. No problems, not sure he even really looked at it :)  At least we wont have to waste time in the morning to buy a ticket.

We walked around our neighborhood one last time and then to the market to pickup something for supper - some roasted potatoes I can heat up in the microwave and sausages. Still have some greek salad left to finish tonight. I even walked by the cheese pies! Now that is hard to do but I know I will have more once in Crete :)
This was an interesting sculpture made of layers of glass

This old tree just won't quit :)


Yes, passed on these lovely looking desserts - for TODAY! LOL!!
Thursday Nov 1st

Up at 4:45 and out the door by 5:15.  Surprising how busy it is already at this time of morning! And here I thought it was going to be very quiet. Not that I was worried with all the police that are constantly in this area :)  We get to the metro but its not even open yet - not until 5:30. As it turned out the train starts at 5:30 but quite a few stops before Syntagma, so we have time.  There are still young people coming home from Halloween parties still dressed up! Some pretty wierd zombie types.

Once at the airport we went to the kiosk to print off the boarding pass since having it on our phones is not as convenient because we have to scan the ticket to get the gate to open and paper works better.  But it wouldn't let me because I entered we had 2 bags - guess we have to pay at the counter! When we get there we are charged $25/bag :(  DAMN bag charges!  Cant travel 6 months and 3 countries with just carryon - to many different climate clothes required!  Anyway pay the fees, get our boarding pass and head over to security.  Pretty easy body search for me, something I have to get use to due to knee replacement. For some reason me just saying I've had it done doesnt convince them that I don't need the touchy feely search!  Isn't flying fun! 😜 but the only way to get around this world :)

50 minutes after taking off we arrive in Chania, Crete.  The owner Chris, picks us up at the airport in a tiny car but we and the luggage all fit LOL!  Vivien is waiting at the house for us to show us around. We arrive about 20 minutes later.

The place is really cool!  Lots of room for us for the next 2 months.  Just hope the bed will be comfortable enough. We were really spoiled at the last place with a very comfy bed and big fluffy pillows.  Vivien shows us around. In the fridge she has a 2 litre plastic bottle of local wine - you get it from the local market from a big barrel! She says there are no preservatives in it - ohhhh, think that means no big hangovers LOL!!!

Wine dispensing at the local grocery store! LOVE IT!
Beautiful poinsettia tree in a neighbouring garden
Guess they bought this place 12 years ago when it was really run down and have fixed it up. After awhile Vivien felt to isolated since she doesnt drive and wanted to live in Chania, so they bought a condo there. But I think they may be selling this place soon because she sounded like renting the place is a lot of work - mostly lots of emails from people staying here asking questions.  Once we go thru the place they leave and we head to the mini mart about a 1km away to pick up some groceries for the next 2 days. Saturday we plan on taking the bus to Chania (6kms away) to go to the market and other stores. After the shopping we'll probably take a taxi back since Vivien said its only 3E more then 2 of us taking the bus (6E)

Once we got back from shopping and hiking up the steep hill to get back to the house we have lunch. I then start doing a load of laundry and Dwayne sets up my outside clothesline since there is no dryer here only a washer. Washer takes 59 mins for run thru a cycle :(  Got 2 loads done before deciding another load wouldn't dry before the end of the day.

I then go through everything and see what there is here for "kitchen stuff"  Not badly setup at all - at least there is a chopping knife! A few of them! Something I couldnt get at our places in Holland. Rearranged furniture a bit to make it more comfortable for us. Moving stools into the living room for end tables. Bringing in a chair from the bedroom to put my legs on to be comfy on the futon couch, since the coffee table is to high.  Will have to work on something else for a footstool ;)

Nice that the wifi is really good here. They even have Netflix that we can use :)  Funny thing is that Vivien is really worried that we are going to feel isolated here so said she could find us another place in Chania for the same price and will refund us our money! Told her we are not as isolated here as we are at our house in Honduras! Other then we have a vehicle there to get around, but at least a market is only 1 km away that has what we need - but more expensive then in Chania. She just said to keep it in mind. Guess if it rains and rains here we might feel that way, but we'll hope the weather will be good!

We are also in charge of feeding the cats that come with the house/neighboorhood! Vivien supplies the food we just put it out. There are 2 kittens about 4 months old - both very cuddly :) They all have names but damned if I can remember them all!! Anyways at least they are NOT allowed in the house - fine by us :)

Got settled in, cooked pork chops for dinner on the electric grill, roasted potatoes in the "oven" and of course greek salad :)

Here is our house for 2 months :)

Grape vine for shade during the hot summers

Looking from the kitchen thru the dining room, living room to the bedroom

Laundry hanging outside the kitchen window :)

On the counter is a "stove and oven" which really works well!

view from the bedroom window

The strange thing is that the big bathroom with tub and washer is outside the back door up the steps into a separate room. Guess there was no room in the main house for that. Vivien says she enjoyed
being able to have a hot bath during the winter.  Guess I may find out how that is to if it gets rainy :)

Main bathroom 
which is up the stairs and 2nd door
This is a little sitting area outside the bathroom and a 2nd little bedroom

rooftop terrace

stairs from backdoor to bathroom and 2nd bdrm 

main patio

bathroom and shower in the house
The only problem right now is that after they had really heavy rains last month there are a lot of mosquitoes here! And none of the windows have screens on them so opening them up just means we have to get rid of flies and mosquitos when we close them when it get dark. Have to remember to buy  a fly swatter to make it easier!!

First real dinner in Greece

CHEERS!! The day has finally come :)
My "garçon" serving the wonderful wine from the plastic 2L bottle LOL!!

I will be soon be known as "the cat woman" There were 2 more hiding in the bush! Thank god they don't get inside!!


  1. So cool, Lyd. Just your style.
    When I was there n '96 my Dad went for a little motorcycle ride. He was gone way longer than I expected and I was beginning to think he may have crashed.
    He had actually seen a guy sitting by a big wine barrel and gave Dad the "drinking symbol" with his fingers, so Dad had joined him for a glass of wine.

    1. Now that sounds cool! Will have to check into renting a motorcycle :)

  2. The place looks pretty good Lyddy and what a fantastic patio and rooftop terrace too!

    1. Yes we are very happy with the place and the area :)