Where are we?

Driving through another gorge.

Wednesday we took another highway south of Chania into Thereso Gorge - this time we were driving at the bottom of a gorge instead of the top as we did yesterday.  At the end of the gorge is a small village where Vivien said we could try out a restaurant, but unfortunately it was not open.  Most restaurants in these small villages only operate during the summer months when the place is overrun by tourists!  To bad - I was looking forward to a real traditional greek meal outside of the main cities.

Lots of goats in this gorge

These goats have some pretty interesting looking horns

Shaggy bunch!

He must be boss since he has the BIGGEST bell around his neck

Road thru the gorge was really pretty 

No they didnt get up when we drove up!
We saw lots of goats roaming the hillside plus one guy doing some rock climbing while his girlfriend stayed on the road.  Thats where I would stay to! :)

can you see the climber?


After the gorge we travelled up and over the mountains

Olive trees on the mountain side

The road to get back down
Once we were thru the gorge we saw lots of olive trees again and men busy knocking the olives off onto the tarps. We then drove up along the road that is above the house we are staying in.  We couldnt quite see the place but did see some very old roads up here that use to go down the mountain towards Chania.  There were also paths that come up here from Tsikalaria that we might have to try on a nice day. It was nice and sunny when we started this morning, but the clouds have moved in and it's pretty windy and cool up here taking pictures! 

Men knocking olives off onto the tarps

The road after the gorge to get over the mountain

This is the top of the mountain above where we are staying. Souda Bay in the background

Chania off in the distance 

Remains of old road going down the mountain

Circle shows where our place is 

Wonder how long this trailer has been parked here - and why?? Totally wrecked

Sunrays coming thru the clouds
We then drove into Souda for pizza lunch - even though it was getting to be almost 3pm! We are becoming greeks and having late lunches which means we aren't hungry again until 7pm.  But unlike the greeks, we still like to get to bed by 10pm not midnight :) 

After pizza we headed home - I needed a siesta like the greeks do because I consumed half a litre of wine - at a cost of 3.50E it was a much better deal then a small cup of cappuccino for the same price!! But now I was sleepy instead of wide eyed and bushy-tailed after a shot of caffeine!!  Ended up watching a couple of movies on netflix. No supper needed since the pizza we had was pretty filling.

Wood burning pizza over :) 


  1. Thanks for sharing!! Looks like an interesting and beautiful drive!! Have fun....be safe! <3 <3

  2. So enjoying all these photos and stories. The place you circled where you are staying is not nearly as remote as I had thought it was. Loving this blog.