Where are we?

Market day in Chania

Today being Saturday its market day in Chania!  So we are going to take the bus into Chania which takes about 15 mins to arrive at the centre of the city. The bus stop is about 3 blocks from the house.

While waiting for the bus I was asking a young girl beside me what the fare is. She replied,  in fairly good English,  2.50E. She then pulled out a ticket from her pocket and gave it to me - saying if we get tickets in Chania the fare is only 1.70E. She only had one spare ticket which I refused but she said "no have it,  it's fine"  so I did and thanked here very much! There are only 4 buses a day that go into Chania and the same coming back with the last one leaving at 4pm.  We'll see after we go shopping if we'll take the bus back or taxi. When we get to the last stop we buy 6 tickets from a little kiosk selling candies, cigarettes etc. Now ready for our next trips to town :)

We meet Vivien (owner of the house) by the Agora  (centre of a city) where there is a huge indoor market 7 days a week. She walks us thru a few of the side streets and recommends some of the tavernas for lunch.  She also takes us to the old part of Chania which has very narrow and winding streets along with lots of small squares. This area was first built by the Venetians in the 1300s and then the Turks in the 1600s. So lots of interesting buildings that have been renovated.

Then onto the Saturday market where she left us to do our shopping.  After getting our fruits and vegetables and some olive oil all at really good prices, we walked to the harbour.  We stopped at a recommended taverna for fish but they were not opening for another hour which for today was to late for us if we wanted to catch the 2pm bus back since we don't want to tote all this stuff around for hours! Plus still need to pick up meat at the Agora Market.

Old Town 

The harbour with the Venetian Arsenals - buildings used for ship building in the 1300's
The water here is very clear

Interesting pictures of sponge harvesting 

But still pretty expensive!

Bought some nice tasting olive oil from this girl at the market

So off we go to the regular market and as we walk by a taverna we see some of the customers eating a great looking gyro! We couldn't walk by so sat down and ordered a pork gyro and a chicken one and fries with feta sauce :)  When the order came the gyros were huge! The fries were so so, a little soggy but worth trying.

Fries with feta sauce
a lot of tzatziki sauce and then the yummy pork :)

After that we go to the butcher and buy some beef patties all spiced up, chicken breasts and leg of lamb :)  Did some more walking around the market then it was time to get to the bus stop and head home. Look forward to more trips into Chania :)

Once we got home I walked around the neighbourhood and took a few pictures.

Small church right behind us - thats our terrace on the left. But the church is not being used.

Road going down from the house

And then further down the hill 

Looking back up to our neighbours next door
 This is the neighbours outdoor oven  - doesnt look like they use it anymore and also their outdoor water tap

Sheep behind our place

and mountains past that

Same door knocker we got when in Morocco and now on our door in Honduras
Path to our place - our patio is to the right behind the wall-and thats Fluffy the kitten walking towards me

Lemon tree in the back by the bathroom 
Also a mandarin tree :) 

We now take the steps down,  go thru the church courtyard and back onto the street to get down the to the main street. Also easier coming back instead of climbing the steep hill!

Then for supper I found a recipe for Greek roast lamb and tried it. Lots of garlic, oregano, lemon, olive oil for the lamb and then sliced up some potatoes and put them under the lamb.  Put into the electric oven and it came out great! Dwayne wasn't crazy about it but I thought it tasted yummy! Guess I'll have to try a different cut of lamb and see if he likes it :)  Or just have it at a taverna 😜


  1. wow, those cheeses and olives at the market look amazing! And you cooked the lamb very similar to how I cook my lamb. I love those flavours together.
    Is that a hot water tank on top of your neighbour's roof (the place to the left of your patio in one of the photos above)?

    1. Oh I've been looking closer at that photo. I bet it's a battery pack to hold all the solar energy. I see it's sitting with the solar panel. Let me know but I have a feeling it's for storing the solar power.

    2. Yes that is a hot water tank on the top of the roof with a solar panel in the front. The one at this house is the same but also has an element that we can turn on to heat the water for the non-sunny days :) Takes about an hour to heat the water though - so no "out the door quickly" mornings because we don't leave the element on all the time, just turn it on in the morning.

  2. Oh Lyd, this looks so great for you guys. Loving g your photos and explanations of everything. I would live Chania and the market and the Old town. Love it all.