Where are we?


This is what the sky looked like as we are driving home 
Saturday - The day started out with rain and thunder.  Thought this would be a good time for me to experiment and make Tiropita (greek cheese pie) my favourite snack/meal LOL!!!  Not going small either - making enough to freeze for later :)

5 layers of phyllo then filling of feta and eggs, oregano, pepper

top off with another 5 layers of phyllo 

bake 35 mins 

Now THIS is a cheese pie!! 😋

The tiropita was DELICIOUS!  But next time I will cut off some of the edging so its not so thick.  After making the tiropita it was close to noon and the rain stopped and it started to clear up, so after lunch we headed out.

We get to Rethymno and drive along the coast highway thru the city to get to the Fortezza Fortress.  We find a parking spot and walk over to the entrance. Entrance fee is 3E for 65+ :)  Once inside we see a few buildings still remain from the original fortress built in 1573.  It was built by the Venetians to house the people from the city below because of pirates constantly coming in and looting etc. But most of the people didnt want to live within the fortress plus there was not enough space. So the Venetian Guards were the only ones to really inhabit the walls of the fortress. They kept eyes and cannons looking out towards the sea for those nasty pirates!

City of Rethymno behind the fortress

Entrance to the fortress

One of the outside walls

Old town in the foreground 

Rethymno harbour

a few of the buildings - the mosque the Turks built over the christian church once they took over the fortress

Peeking thru the arrow/gun slots in the wall

Cannon would have been anchored here

City Counselor's residence

Cannons laying in front of the Councelor's residence

Inside the mosque

the ceiling

This building was used for food storage

Highway now along the base of the fortress

New Rethymno 

Interesting building materials

On the far right is St Catherine's church - a cistern converted to a temple in the 1800's

This wall must have been added by the Turks by the shape of the openings- not square like other sections

Shotput? No very heavy cannonballs!! They must have had to use ALOT of gunpowder to get these things to fly thru the air and smash a pirate ship!

2 sides of the fortress
We spent probably and hour walking around the ruins. Looking out onto the sea and back towards the Old and New city of Rethymno.  Once we left the fortress we head towards the Old Venetian town and walk thru the streets.  I find this old town much nicer then Chania's old town. Very neat here plus bougainvillea have been planted close to the building to hang over the walkway - very pretty

Bouganvillea planted along the sides 

Another Turkish wood front - which allowed the women light in their rooms without being seen
We stopped for a coffee and then headed home since the clouds looked threatening

Yes it was nice and sunny before the clouds moved in quickly

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