Where are we?

Walk into Souda Bay to the War Memorial Cemetery

Friday night we did go out for dinner at the local restaurant to listen to some local music.  The 2 piece band and singer were nice to listen to - but no wild dancing and breaking of plates LOL!!!  We had the same meal as the previous week - a plate full of different bar-b-qued meats and salad.  All very good :)  Also came with pita bread and tzatziki sauce for dipping. Fun night out :)

Since it had be raining out and cool the wood stove was keeping the place warm, and toasting our bread :)


Lovely warm spot next to the stove

Nice selection of meats

 Saturday was spent  lazying around - after the wine and raki last night , and watching the neighbour trim the trees around the house.  He really trimmed them back! The bougainvillea was just about cut right down - Vivian said the trees have to be trimmed because of the high winds during the winter which can blow the trees over. To bad because the bougainvillea was really beautiful.  He also removed the grape vine that was growing over the patio because it was dead.  So its pretty bare around here now - this extra light should help the orange tree to ripen before we have to leave :) The neighbour also brought us over some homemade cake from his wife :)

We did go out in the afternoon and walked to the local cafe/store for bread and then enjoyed a cappuccino outside.  We also bought a home-made frozen pizza for dinner later.  Which was pretty tasty for only 3.50 euros :)

Now this dog at the cafe is either to long or to short! LOL! Quite the mix!
Sunday - since today is Remembrance Day we thought a walk down to Souda Bay and the War Cemetery would be a good walk. We left late so missed the ceremony at the cemetery. There are 1500 graves here and 776 of them are unknown soldiers from WWII. Most were killed in the Battle of Crete when Germany was trying to take over the island. Soldiers from Australia and Canada were a few we saw.  Chania received a lot of damage during the Battle of Crete.

Very well cared for cemetery 

The cemetery looks out on to the bay.  Today there is a cruise ship in port. 

So many unknown soldiers.
After that we continued our walk along the beach. There were even some people out swimming!

After this guy was in swimming 2 ladies also went in, And I forgot my bathing suit! LOL!!

On the beach looking up towards our place

Then we continue into Souda to have lunch at the Gyro restaurant :)  After that it was time to trek on back up to the house

Passed a house with a bunch of nice looking geese in the driveway

The cemeteries look so different here since all the graves are above ground. 

Lots of decorations and flowers on the graves.

And again we got to have a few oranges on our walk

Even saw a pomegranate tree. Think they are so expensive because not many on a tree.

Not ready yet but soon!

Was a great day for a walk - another 10k day :)  Only sprinkled on us a little even though the clouds looked threatening. Even Dwayne was complaining his legs were getting tired - I never thought I would hear that!!

Tomorrow Micheal is delivering our car at 10am so we look forward to see more of the island for the next week :)


  1. We stayed for a week way over on the other side of the island. irepetra, or makrigialos. Beutidul beach called Chrissy beach with shells for sand was close by. I will look up some of the other cool places on the south side of the island.

  2. We’ll be going out that way - as long as not raining.