Where are we?

Walking around Tsikalaria and back to Souda

Monday was spent enjoying some time up on the terrace with a great view of Chania and the warm sunshine.  While Dwayne is reading I'm busy knitting my socks :)  Just starting to do the heel now.

Looking at Souda Bay from the terrace

Chania and the Sea of Crete in the background

The little church behind our place was open - very cute inside

Yes they look a little square at the toe, but once on it looks good :)

After lunch we decide to go for a walk around Tsikalaria.  We walk by the restaurant we had dinner at last night and spoke with Dimitros. He asked how my head was - told him just fine :)  I asked if maybe he put our leftovers in the fridge, but no,  he threw it out - awwww. Anyways he reminds us to come again on Friday. 👍

We head further up a hill and find what we think must be the olive oil processing plant.  Outside are some ancient granite stones used for crushing olives and an old metal pressing machine. We'll have to come back again sometime and go in and see what they are doing

granite wheels and old press outside the processing plant - we think ;)
Also found another store that is well stocked for those rainy days when we don't want to go into Chania for groceries. Even have ice cream there :)  As we continue our walk we admire a nice looking front yard, when the owner starts talking to us. He said that his mother does all the gardening and I said it looks beautiful. He calls her over from a bush she is trimming and tells her what I said. She gives me a rose :) We then get invited to see the back of the house and more flowers and orange trees. He said "and she's 70 years old and doing all this" I thought to myself - wow only 5 years older then me - thought she was at least over 75 - oops!! She hands me a few more flowers to take home. Dwayne later says - "so is that what you'll look like in 5 years?!" Geez I HOPE NOT!!  Anyways nice of her to give me some of her flowers.

my little bouquet of flowers

Another beautiful poinsettia tree 
LOOK! an Eggplant plant! LOL!!

Cool looking flower 
We stop at the next store (where we bought the wine) and this time we do buy an ice cream to have as we continue along the road. By the time we get home we've walked 4kms :)  Love walking around this area.

Today we decide to walk to Souda again to buy some screening for the windows because not only mosquitoes are getting in but also something small like sandflies, because I'm getting bit and cant see what is biting me!! But it's itchy like the bites I get in Honduras.

We go to the hardware store and right away find some screening. Bought enough to do one window to see how it will work.  Then off for a cappuccino freddo,  cheese pie and people watching at a sidewalk cafe. Great cheese pie again :)

We later head to the ferry office to check on ferries going to other islands. Seems that from here the ferry only goes to Piraeus nothing to Santorini!  We have to go to another port further east, but the ferry only goes once a week.  So that isn't going to work for us - we would spend 2-3 days there but not a week :(  I then asked about flights - no, have to fly back to Athens and then to Santorini from there.  The girl at the desk said that the crossings are really reduced from Nov on because less people using them plus the waters get rough with the storms.  So it seems my idea of island hopping from Crete is not going to work ;(  Guess we are going to know Crete very well because we have rented a car for a week next Monday - 100E ($150C ) about the same that I paid in Edmonton for a weeks rental.  There are lots of places for us to check out here, so we'll be good. But may be the only time we'll have to rent a car. It will give us an idea if we want to go elsewhere on the island for a couple of days, and then take a bus instead.

Did a little more walking around the downtown area and found a bank to take out some cash. After that it was time for lunch - today PIZZA!! Off we go to the pizza place we saw on the main road.  Since we are still a little full from the cheese pie we order a medium with everything (9.80E)  Here they use Edam and Gouda not mozzarella for the cheese on the pizzas. Guess they like the Dutch better then the Italians LOL!! The pizza comes out and looks delicious and very big for a medium!  We can only eat half of it and take the rest home - didnt forget this time ;) cuz we were only drinking water - not wine or tsipouro (which I think we were drinking Sunday night).

Another intricate little church shrine 

And opposite the shrine is this cool wood burning oven - not sure why they would build it so close to the road though??

On the way back home we stop at the large grocery store that was closed on Sunday to look around. Vivien sent us an email yesterday saying they were going to be in the area Wednesday so would pick us up and take us to the Lidl store - so we will be doing a big grocery shop tomorrow when we have a ride UP the hill and right to the door :)

Its now 2pm and time to head back home.  By the time we get home we've walked another 10KMs!  Thats just gotta help get rid of the cheese pie calories HAHA!!!

Once we got back we attached the screen on with some tape. Think this will work 

Had a little left over so taped it together and covered most of the bedroom window. We can keep the shutter down a little to close off the rest of the window


  1. Your socks are looking great!! What a beautiful view from your terrace. That little church is beautiful inside and so well looked after too.

    1. Thanks Diane. The church was being used the other day - think for St Micheal's day.