Where are we?

Walking to Souda

Sunday was a long walk to Souda and back - 9kms round trip!  It was a cloudy day but still warm so a great day for walking. We wanted to see the little town where the ferries leave for other islands. This is where we would have arrived had we taken the ferry from Piraeus outside of Athens. But that ferry ride is 10 hrs long and we didn't want to be on the ferry THAT long so opted for the 50 min flight to Chania instead :)

Looking back towards our place - we are behind the red domed church

This place has a menagerie of animals! 

very nice looking newer house along our walk

We have this plant in Honduras but usually only has a few flowers and NO leaves! 
cute little church shrine

tree just grows through the sidewalk 

This is for our son in law Dan :) 

Beautiful Angel's Trumpet plant

Eel anyone 😝

Strange to see a sign like this! 

Lots of olives

park along the beach walk to the ferry
Lots of things to see along the way - many many olive trees and orange trees here.  We walked to the port and found a nice cafe to stop at and have a cappuccino and americano for Dwayne, plus one BIG donut that we split.  The ferry is right opposite the cafe. Not sure where it would be going to but it was a very large ferry - at first we thought a small cruise ship from a distance

  After coffee we headed towards the centre of town. Though most of the shops were closed because being Sunday, bakeries, and a few restaurants were open. We stopped at one old style bakery and she had cheese pies and ham and cheese pies - so we bought one of each.  Figured with all this walking I can burn off the yummy phylo pie LOL!!! 

Getting the layers of pork cooked for the gyros :) 
We checked out a few other places that we can visit once they are open during the week. One is a hardware store that we hope to buy some screening we can put up temporarily on the house windows to keep mosquitos and flies OUT! Did buy a fly swatter at the $ store in Chania but still hate seeing the flys in the house! There are also 2 large grocery stores here.

When we walk back to the house we walk beside a olive tree grove where the family is busy shaking the olives off onto screened tarps where they are then raked up and put in large sacks to be sent for processing. The men have hand machines that shake the branches to get the olives to drop.

Looking down from the church courtyard to the ferry dock

We stop by the local grocery store to pickup another 2 plastic bottles of wine from the barrel for 2.80 euros each :) But once we got home it didn't taste as good as the first bottle we had when we arrived. I tried the 2nd bottle and it tasted better. Guess this wine must be coming to an end from what Vivien had told us.  Will have to mix the 1st bottle of wine with some sparkling water :)

Rest time with a beer and cats! LOL! 

After I take a pic of the hibiscus flower a bee comes in for a meal

This is one of the house cats - who has long fangs! You can just see the tip of the one 

This is the kitten we call Fluffy - so very affectionate!

This is the wall at the end of the patio and the owner Chris said this is what the walls of this house looked like when they bought it 10 years ago.

After a few wines decided we would go down to the local restaurant for dinner and is suppose to have dancing - OPA!!!  But when we get there the server tells us that dancing is only on Friday and Saturday. Oh well guess we come back on Friday!

We had a delicious salad, plate of different meats, fries and a jug of wine for 28 euros. We did have leftovers to take home - but Dwayne forgot it on the table and he wasn't even drinking any wine!!  As we are finishing our meal the owner Domitros, came over and sat with us and gave us a shot glass of digestif to help digestion he says LOL!! It was pretty strong stuff - but not ouzo.  He tells us that he was born in Windsor, On after his parents immigrated, but returned to Greece when he was 5.  He did return to Canada after his teens and married a Canadian girl. His wife passed away from cancer years ago and after that he returned to Greece.  He has a daughter still in Vancouver and 3 kids here from a second marriage.  We enjoyed our talk with him, as he gets us another round of digestif LOL!! He said that if I finished the wine the next jug was on the house - but I couldnt do it!! To many mixtures of wine and shots. HAHA!  As we leave we tell him we'll be back on Friday :)

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