Where are we?

Another sunny day for a long walk

Monday night I finally finished Dwayne's socks. Had a few problems because he wanted them a little tighter on the top then mine were.  So I decreased the number of stitches by 4 and then tried another stretchy bind off.  Then I gave him to try on the first one - and he couldn't get it over his heel!! To tight :)  I think its the different binding off I used, so tried to remove just that row but no luck there, just kept going. Tried to get the stitches back on the needle, but missing to many because this is the ribbing part.  So ripped out all the stitches back to before the cuff (3ins) then was able to pick up the stitches easier.  This time I only went up about 1.5in for a cuff since I know these are only "house socks" anyways LOL!  Got it done and went back to my originally stretchy bind off and it fit. Then I had to fix the second sock.  Oh well its not like these are perfect socks anyways since 1) the colours don't match 2) the heel is kinda wonky because while I was doing the increases/decreases I was enjoying a couple of glasses of wine AND watching episodes of Ray Donovan on Netflix LOL!!  To much multitasking!!  But I wasn't going to take it all out since the end result was that it still fits - just looks a little weird - but WHO is going to check the heels anyways LOL!!!

They look ok from a distance LOL!
I also got more into the book that Vivien wrote. Quite an interesting fun book. It seems that when I asked her the other day how old she was when she meet with the monks in 1981 in Thailand she told me her age when she FIRST went to Thailand which was 1973. That was when she was 30 so actually she is probably 75 yrs old - explains why she needed to hold my arm on a slippery slope on the garden walk :)

Found a cheap flight back to Edmonton on April 3rd.  A bit early but not sure we can get 30 day extension and besides that April gets pretty hot and humid in Honduras. We over night in Houston and don't leave for Edmonton at 4:30pm so we can rent a car and tour around for the day if we want.  Once we get back to Edmonton we can stay with my sister for a couple of weeks then head to warmer climes in Kelowna with our truck and trailer.  As it turns out I got a message from our daughter today and she and her husband are going to Mexico in April and asked if we can babysit the boys - so that worked out well for them and fun for us :)

Tuesday - Wow we had quite the lightning and thunder storm last night. Most of the lightning was in the distance over the sea but lit up the sky pretty good! I got up and watched out of the window for awhile.

This morning the sky has cleared up - looks like it will be a good day.  We forgot to buy bread yesterday so made us dutch pancakes for breakfast since I did just buy the nice maple flavoured syrup the other day.

First add butter, icing sugar and then syrup 

Roll up and add a little more syrup and icing sugar

I never have icing sugar around but when I bought these butter almond cookies they are covered with LOTS of icing sugar so just used the extra at the bottom of the container for our pancakes :) 
The day continued with rain off and on. It would be sunny and Dwayne would go outside to read and a few minutes later he would be back inside because it started to rain.  So I thought this would be a good day to make spinach and cheese pie AKA spanakopita :) Around 3 we walked to the local grocery store to buy some bread. Looked like it was going to stay sunny for awhile but I took my umbrella anyways :)  Luckily I did because just after we left the store it started to pour!  We took refuge under the overhang of an empty building for about 10 mins until the rain subsided a little then continued on our way home.

Fluffy doesn't always make it easy for me when I'm trying to type my blog!

Bottom layers of phyllo put in and spinach feta cheese mix added 

Score the top and ready to go into the little oven

And the finished product :) 

This is the door in our bedroom and we don't have curtains

But we do have a metal shutter that we close at night and then in the morning the 2 kittens are scratching  the metal to tell us it's time to let them in!
Wednesday - So is was sunny Sat, rainy Sun, sunny Mon, rainy Tues sooooo that should mean today is sunny and it is LOL!!  Today we are taking the 10:30 bus into Chania and walk to the Lidl store about 4km from downtown and hopefully take a bus back and then get on the bus back to Chania at 2.

We get into Chania around 10:45 and first head to a bank to get some more cash out, but the lineup was too long at the first one stopped at. So decided to head into the main Market and buy some cheese at the vendor we bought from a couple of weeks ago. We really liked the cheese and its difficult to figure out which of the cheeses are good.  I suppose we could stop at one shop and try out a bunch but not many of the vendors speak English so it becomes a little difficult.  While we are at the cheese shop we also get a supply of olives - black and large green ones.  Great olives for greek salad :)

In the market there is a little display of pictures of the Agora going back quite a ways - but no years are noted. Just have to figure it out from the mode of travel used :)

Horse and carriage era to go shopping at the Agora 

Late 50's early 60's

Then we start our trek up to the Lidl store. As we are walking up we stop at a roadside fruit stand to buy some mandarin oranges for only 2E/kg ($3.50/kg) The girl in the "store" can only speak a little English but could speak Spanish, so we spoke a little in Spanish until her husband came in and he can speak some English.  We chatted about us being from Canada and he told us some places to make sure we go to.  He said that once we get our rental car to make sure and come back and talk to him for more info :)

The summit of our walk to the Lidl store
We like the Lidl store because the prices are really cheap and they have interesting items we can't find in other stores,  but this is more a trip of exercise :)  We have our little red buggy along to fill up.  It takes us about 45 minutes to walk the 4 kms.  We were also trying to figure out where Vivien and Chris live since we know they are in this area. They had showed us their place a few weeks ago as we drove by.  But we didn't see anything that looks familiar before getting to the Lidl parking lot.  I'm hoping to find some Stollen with almond paste centre here since this is where I bought some probably a month ago and haven't found it at any other Lidl store :(  But again I'm disappointed - none to be found.  But we still find enough other food to buy to fill our buggy plus I had to carry a bag - Dwayne pulled the buggy :)

When we are finished shopping we head to a bus stop about a block away. Hopefully this is a stop where a bus will take us back downtown to the Agora. We get to the stop and I ask a young guy sitting there if the bus goes to the Agora? Yes. Great! Saves us walking back 4kms!! Plus now we will get back in time to have lunch at our favourite Gyro place and still catch the 2:00 back home :)

When we are travelling back to the Agora on the bus I see The Body Shop store - only a block from the Agora. So after getting off the bus we walk back up to the store. I'm hoping to find some nice vanilla body wash.  But again I'm disappointed - nothing nice! There is peppermint - which I don't like, a Vanilla Marshmallow - not really nice and the other is a Candy cane - again not what I like.  My FAVORITE is Noel Vanilla Bean shower gel but that is only available at the Bath and Body Works and ONLY at Christmas - hint hint 😍

A quick trip to our fav gyro restaurant for lunch and then off to our bus stop.

I should have taken pictures of these trimmed trees this morning when we arrived at the Agora because they were HUGE  Now it looks pretty barren!
We get home around 2:30 and since it's still sunny out I'm throwing in a load of laundry, which should dry before the sun sets.

Well that ends another great day on Crete!  😍


  1. Dwayne's socks look Great, but that Spanakopita looks Amazing!! You look like you're having so much fun.

  2. Thanks :) Made the spanakopita greek style instead of small "samosa" looking types :)