Where are we?

Crazy "siesta" times!

So on Thursday we did head to Chania to go to the Vodaphone office.  We left at 1pm and walked to the Souda to Chania bus route 2kms away since the Tsikalaria bus doesn't come until 2:30.  Dwayne mentioned that maybe the store would close at 2pm like many do until 5:30. But I thought no way would a store like that close. We waited at the bus stop for almost 30 mins before the bus arrived, so we arrived in Chania just before 2. We walked over to the Vodaphone store and walked in just to be told they were closing until 5:30!! Crazy that the only store in Chania would close mid afternoon.  Oh well we'll try the store in Souda tomorrow.

We then headed towards the westside of Chania where we haven't really visited yet.  This is the area that the locals go to to enjoy the beach during the summer. Guess it gets pretty busy, but today it is very windy and the waves are huge! Not a soul in the water LOL!! A few restaurants are open, and Vivian had said these are good ones to have a fish dinner at - not expensive like the ones surrounding Chania Harbour.  We'll have to come back another time and stop in for lunch.
Big waves today

The waves crash on the rocks and go right over the top
Huge swells
Small harbour before the beach area

Lights in the marina are attached to old doors - pretty cool idea 

This fisherman won't be going out today!

That weird boat with the round windows reminds me of the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A movie I saw back in elementary and scared the heck out of me! Think it was the HUGE OCTOPUS!

Guess they wont be back until next spring!

The Beach

Big waves have come up and deposited sand onto the road

This tree wont give up1
We head back towards the bus stop, we'll have to take the Souda bus back since its now 3:30.  On the way back we stop at a new grocery store we haven't visited before and find they have ice cream! So of course we buy it since we are heading home.  Shouldn't melt before we get home since it is a cool day.  As we walk towards the bus stop we see bus 13 coming down the street. We try to "run" to catch it but the stop is to far away :( Oh well the next one should come in 15 mins now that we are in the "rush hours"

Octopus anyone?

We sit beside a lady on the bus bench.  She smiles and is busy enjoying an orange. She then hands us each an orange to enjoy :)  Then gives us another two, which I put into my backpack for later.  When her bus arrives she leaves and says 'bye bye'. People here are very nice :)  Our bus arrived about 5 mins later.

We get off at the nearest stop to our place and walk the 2kms back. We get home just after 4:30 and the ice cream is still hard! LOL!!  Yeah! we have found another place to buy ice cream :)  Plus we walked a total of 8km today - so having some ice cream for a treat is OK :)

I cant believe how many oranges are wasted here! Do they know how much that many mandarin oranges would cost in Canada??

Of course the orange trees along the sidewalk are all bitter types! Why not plant sweet oranges so everyone can enjoy instead of the oranges just dropping onto the ground and rotting??? We found the same problem in Seville, Spain. Why plant bitter orange trees?
By 5:30 it's dark outside and I take out the frozen shrimp that we got free awhile back and let them thaw a bit in cold water before I do the cleaning.  What a job cleaning these shrimp!  Man they have long antennas!  Not often that I get shrimp with head on! So first I remove the head and then peel the shell off the rest of the body.  Some of these cleaned shrimp end up being smaller then my little finger! Oh course the kitties are at my feet meowing away hoping for little treats! I throw the really small shrimp and any broken bits down for them to enjoy. One of the kittens - Max really likes the shrimp but Fluffy isn't quite sure about it and kinda plays with it first. But soon learns that if he does that Max will be the one that gets in there and snags the treat! LOL!! Don't play with your food just eat it! LOL!!

After doing all that work I probably have about 8oz of shrimp left to cook up for dinner.  Really just enough for 1 one persons (me anyways :). I brown some butter and sliced garlic for awhile before tossing  in the shrimp.  Strange that once the shrimp cook these ones stay white instead of the  usual pink I'm use to seeing.  But they taste just as good :)  Might have to buy some BIG ones next time we are at the market and have a good feast one night.

Today before we headed out to Souda I decided to make some cookies :)  Christmas baking LOL!! I bought some toffee chips yesterday and other cookie ingredients incase I wanted to do so baking :)  But measuring is hard since I have no measuring spoons or cups.  Need to change cups to gms since I do have a food weigh scale. But I think I screwed up a bit on the salt since the cookies were a little to salty :0

That little capsule has vanilla flavouring in it! Think this was the first time since grade 7 that I had to mix everything with a wooden spoon!! No beaters in this kitchen 

We left at 1:00 and end up rushing to get to the Vodaphone store before 2. But we did get in and the clerk said we still have 1 GB of data left so we are good for the next month. The least we can buy is 10GB for 20E which is really cheap but I'll never use that much in a month! Not when we have internet at the house. But I think that once Dec 12th comes around I will loose any data not used since at that time its been a month since I bought the pkg. Guess we wait and see.

And of course our walk is never complete without a stop for a coffee and treat :)

Dwayne's HUGE donut and my petite chocolate covered croissant with vanilla filling - and freddo cappuccino :) ALL so yummy!

Christmas decorations at the cafe/bakery

The roots of this tree just ooze over the curb like lava 

Found a beautiful rose on our walk home

Yes I picked the rose plus some wild nasturtium flowers for the table

Max is so funny, Dwayne works on the single bed he uses as a couch, and Max has to sit on his legs!
For supper I thawed out or dethawed ..... some of the leftover moussaka and boy was it ever good second time round! :)  Glad we still have one more serving in the freezer.

Now I don't want to hear about anyone going outside today singing "Baby Its Cold Outside" LOL!!  Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. I love the marinas, and those lights on the old doors are so cool! Also, I would try the Huge Doughnut.... just sayin'

  2. I really liked those door-lamps - so many different types of doors were used. The donuts are good ;)