Where are we?

Finally got our tree up and living room decorated

Nice tall tree just like we had at the acreage 😂
And also found some logs to put into our fireplace - so nice and cozy and warm ;)

Ok so it's not our house, but looks good on the TV with Christmas music playing,  Found it on Youtube LOL!!

It was a nice sunny day on Monday so walked to Souda to buy bread and decided to have lunch at a taverna recommended by Vivien.  It was just around 1:30 and we were the only customers for awhile then a single guy came in for lunch.  But a few people did come in and ordered takeout!  Not everything on the menu was available, I asked about calamari and yes they have that. Guess lots of fish dishes but not a lot of other choices.  One item available that Dwayne would enjoy is meatballs in tomato sauce which he ordered with fried potatoes.  I asked what came with my dish - just calamari, ok I like that - forget the veggies and starch just give me seafood!!! :)

In the meanwhile I ordered a glass of local white wine and Dwayne had his favorite Amstel beer.  Funny they didnt offer 500ml bottle of house wine - hummm not use to that in a Greek restaurant - oh well just as well since I have to walk back 2kms to the house! LOL!!  And WOW when my meal came it was a plate full of squids!! I'm use to seeing just squid rings not the whole uncut body and little tentacles attached!  All deep fried in a light batter.  No dipping sauce - again a little strange, but that was fine because I dipped it in Dwayne's tomato sauce and it tasted pretty good! Dwayne was quite happy just to have his plain old meatballs - oh they weren't really balls but rolls HAHA!  When we got the bill I was surprised my wine was only .50 cents a glass!! Geez if I'd known that!! And the plate of squid - 10E!! WOW we are coming back here that's for sure. Dwayne's meal was 7E. With beer total was 21E which is expensive but we both had large meals.

Look at that - 7 little squids!! And Dwayne's meatballs and fries

Hehehe this pic is for my daughter :) 

Lots of good items on the menu for a good price - except the fish soup! Not sure why Dwayne didn't order the Octopus with Spaghetti!?!

After lunch we walked down the street to the first bakery - all sold out of bread :(  Then to the large grocery store for a couple of things and they only had sliced commercial bread - Dwayne doesn't like that anymore.  So we stop at another bakery further down the street to buy his LAST loaf! Guess it is kinda late in the day to buy bread.

Walking back I stole a piece of pomegranate that was split open on the tree - it was still tasty :) 

I was texting with Nikki (daughter) the other day and she was saying that Cruz (grandson) wants to come to our house to see all the cats! Trying to explain how far away we are to a 7 year old is not easy! She figures it should be cheaper to go to the SPCA in Edmonton and just visit the cat rooms next time they are in Edmonton LOL!!

Had a noisy night with lots of lightning and thunder on Monday. And it was raining pretty good!  When we got up it was cloudy and still raining :)  Today the realtor is bringing someone over at 11:30 and Vivien asked if we could be there incase they have any questions.  Since we don't have to be in Chania until 3:00 for our massage we told her no problem. We can catch the 2:30 bus and make it in time.  As it turned out glad we waited because when we left after 2 to walk to the bus stop the rain stopped and the sun was shining :)

Our massages were awesome. So nice and relaxing :) But we didnt have a lot of time to do much since we are catching the 5:30 bus back to Tsikalaria because it is raining again.

Outdoor tables set up with  Christmas colours

Christmas tree looks pretty now all lit up

Fall/winter flowers just planted. The building in the back plays LOUD Christmas music which is nice to hear when getting off the bus :)  Unless of course its Rap Christmas music :(
We end up going for a coffee, bought a few more bus tickets since we have to go in again tomorrow for Dwayne's dental appt.  Can't believe we only have 2 weeks left before we leave Crete! 😢

Wednesday - Wow another rainy day :(  But we have to go into Chania since Dwayne has his dental appt at noon.  At least once we got on the bus at 10:30 it stopped raining.  When we get into Chania we have about an hour to kill before his appt.  He needs to get a tooth pulled :( which knew was going to happen eventually after visiting a dentist in St Albert back in Sept.  Oh well - at least its in the back so won't be noticeable.

We meet up with Vivien who takes us to the dental office which is about 5 mins away from the Agora.  Dwayne is in and out in about 30 mins minus a tooth and 60E.  But he got to keep the tooth so told him to put it under his pillow and maybe the tooth fairy will come tonight! LOL!!!  After his appt we only had an hour before the bus would arrive.  So stopped at a cafe and had a coffee - well I did not Dwayne.  I also bought a small ice cream to share - something he could have :)  And then it was time to head back home. Friday we get our car rental.  So will be busy again checking out the local sights 😁  Vivien said that the weather is suppose improve next week - Yeaaaaa!

Back to watching Netflix tonight - have been watching The Innocent Man - a John Grisham book we both read this summer. Interesting true story - scary how law enforcement works in the southern states!

LOL!! Sights at one of the Agora meat markets 

Christmas Train tour around Chania (free)- but we have to wait until Saturday to take it since we don't have enough time today

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  1. Love the English on the Menu "Oily Food". Seems crazy that your time is Crete is coming to an end. Just a few more weeks. Love your daily life.