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Roadtrip to Botanical Gardens of Crete

Saturday we were picked up by the owners of the house we are staying in and they took us to the Botanical Gardens. This is the first day since Thursday that we have not had any rain! Nice to see the sun again.

Vivian and Chris picked us up at noon.  The drive is about 30 mins from Chania.  Once we got there Chris walked with us a bit but since he is undergoing cancer treatment, he went back to the restaurant to wait for us. We continued down the path. The owners of the land turned this area into a botanical garden after a forest fire went thru here 35 years ago.  Now they have a path way going into the valley with trees from all over the world growing here.  Very interesting walk. But because of the rains of the last few days, some of the paths have been ruined with large ruts, and some with water running across them, so we weren't able to do a loop of the gardens. There is suppose to be a small zoo at the bottom but we didnt get there.

After we walked around for an hour we returned to the restaurant at the top of the hill and had a nice lunch. We all had something different. I had Hondus and eggplant (hondus is something like couscous) Dwayne had pasta, Chris had lamb chops and Vivien had something called Kapeli which was sliced pork in a sauce on a tortilla type of bread.  We started by having a green salad with shaved carrots and cheese on top. All very yummy.  We also shared a litre of white wine :)  Vivien also told us that they are in the process of selling the house we are staying in. Selling for 100,000E.  It is becoming to much work to keep the house up, especially since they are not very close to just walk over and check it out. They have one other couple from the US booked to stay here mid January for 2 weeks.  If the house doesnt sell they will rent it longterm which would probably be for 3 years.  They have another rental place next door to their permanent condo in Chania, that I believe they also rent on airbnb, but at the present time they have a family in there renting it for 5 months.

Entrance to the restaurant

When they have large gatherings at the restaurant  this huge outdoor wood fired stove is used

Outdoor deck over looking the valley

View of all the olive trees on the opposite hillside, bee hives at the bottom of the valley

Walkway thru the gardens with signs identifying the different plants

The owners also use old found items to add interest along the walk

Restaurant at the top of the hill where we were standing

Our lunch with Vivien and Chris
Sunday starts out cloudy but no rain. Hope it clears a bit later today.  At least I have something to keep me busy on these cloudy days - Dwayne's socks.  Now getting to the heal part. Once they are finished I know he will enjoy how warm his feet will be - even if the wool doesnt match  :)  I know I enjoy my socks.  And I have enough wool with me to make another 3 pairs :)

Pair of mismatched coloured socks

Kitties love nothing more then to curl up inside on a cool rainy day
Hope you enjoy a nice quiet Sunday

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