Where are we?

Back in the Honduran groove :)

It's now been 2 weeks since we have arrived back at our house.  Unfortunately Dwayne is still fighting with the fridge to get it working :(  He replaced the fan in the freezer and we thought that fixed the problem, which it seemed to since now the fridge side was getting cold - but then it got to cold! Everything was freezing up!  So that gave me the ingredients to make Vegetable soup!! Cant do much else with veggies once they are frozen :(  He then thought maybe it was the sensor on the fridge side - so replaced that - but still the bottom half of the fridge would freeze up.  I've now moved all the veggies up to the 2nd shelf inside one of the plastic drawers from below and they seem to be ok.  So he is now getting pretty frustrated that he can't get the damn thing to work properly!!  Just dont want to spend the money on a new fridge that will only get used a couple of weeks in July and then not again until probably Oct 2020!! Oh well back to youtube and see if he can figure out what next to replace!

One dead palm removed....

One more to go

Looks a little bare :(

But we found replacements :) 

Flowers around the house

Yes Nikki - just after you asked about tarantulas - found one in the bodega (shed)!!!

Trips to La Ceiba

Momma pig and piglets

Soo cute!

Syd - this is the "chicken bus" we'll be taking :) Don't worry, it's my first trip on one from here to LOL!!!!

Pony running across the road - not sure where momma is??

This is a squatters house along the highway in the ditch - fancy 2 storey with deck :) 

You can see the outdoor stove behind the laundry 

Around here the "swampers" ride on top of the load 

This morning we had to get thru a very large herd of cattle 

Lots of calves right now

Beside the trips back and forth to La Ceiba looking for fridge parts we've kept busy- I've painted a sunset scene on our back patio wall.  I've had the picture I'm coping from back in 2014 when we stayed in Mexico and I took a picture of the wall painting to keep for later :)  Well finally the "urge" to paint happened and once I got going had it all done in 2 days :)  Really brightens up that side of the patio!  Now I have a picture of local birds that I want to paint on the wall at the front door.  But first I will have to fixed the loose cement as the bottom of the wall before I can paint.  Yes this is the same spot we fixed last year :(  The salt leeches from the ground up to the cement coating of the house and makes it into powder - very frustrating trying to find a permanent fix!

This is the wall before painting - not sure where I'll put that sun now.  I've been packing that around since buying in Phoenix while visiting there with a friend back in 2004 :) 

Ahhhh now that's better :) 

This is my first wall painting done in 2012 upstairs under the chompa 

Dwayne has been busy building a "camper" for the back of the truck.  We previously had a box that he built the first year we were here, that we could store our stuff when going to the city and lock it up.  But that pretty well rotted to the point of not being useful, so this time Dwayne is building the camper - even though that is not what we are using it for!  Just gives more room for putting stuff in :) This came in very useful when we drove to San Pedro Sula this past Tuesday to pick up friends from the airport and then went shopping at one of the large grocery stores that have quite a large selection of goods compared to La Ceiba.

Now he will have to paint the camper to match the truck 

Seems we are in for a few days of rain now - so painting for me and Dwayne painting the camper won't be happening until next week.  Now will have to figure out what we can do to keep busy :)

Sunset on the property 

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