Where are we?

GET VANNA OUT!!!! GET VANNA OUT!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! She's out and we're free to go travel!!

Monday Oct 7th

We got up and out of the house by 8:15 to get to the bank to pay for the Hapag-Lloyd charges that we missed paying by 20 mins on Friday. Once at the bank and got that paid we went back across the street and wait for Yair. He was paying the container cleaning charge and once we have that receipt we can go up to the HL office and finally get our original bill of lading (that fricking World Cargo was to given us!!) and then go back to the port and start the process of getting Vanna out.

Yair arrives around 9 and we all go up to HL office. Yair waits out in the hall and we go in. We sit there until 10 when Carlos (HL rep who speaks English) comes out and says that the original still has not been sent from Bogota yet. WHAT?????? This is getting ridiculous but can't get PO'd because HL will just take longer - they don't believe in customer service that's for sure! Carlos says to come back at 2. Yair is also not happy with HP but the agent he works for has their own problems with HP.

We walk back to our favourite cafe Eureka near our place and have our normal pastilles and drinks. Hang out there for awhile to cool off in the a/c. Not much else to do other with wait some more. I've been searching out places that we will go to once we leave here........Wednesday 😎 We'll head northeast along the coast to Tayrona National park. We'll have to find a campground so that we can have power to run the a/c. Don't think the fantastic fan will be enough. Then we will be on the beach and relax. I KNOW!! We're retired we should be relaxed all the time LOL!!! But dealing with HL has been VERY frustrating! Idiots!!

Anyways we have our coffee we head back to the BnB and I send a message to our host Juliana and tell her we need to stay Tuesday night because we didn't get Vanna out this morning. She said no problem. We have lunch and read and at 1:45 head out again.

Back up to HL office and wait again. I asked the guy behind the counter if the paperwork is here and he said yes, just wait awhile. OK. We waited until 2 when Carlos finally came out and we were given the original bill of lading!! Yahoooooo!! We meet up with Yair who is in the hallway and head to the port. The walk there take another 10-15 mins. Once there Dwayne and Yair go in and I wait in the outer office. Probably 30 mins later when I think 'Yes we must be getting Vanna today' the guys come back, hand their passes back to the girl at the desk and say Tomorrow. WHAT???? Thought since they didnt come back right away it would have been today! But that was just the time it took to get HL paperwork processed and now it is to late to start the unloading process :(  Guess it's not just open the container and driver her out!  There will be more things to do with customs etc. So.....Mañana it is!! Oh but they did get us for 3 days of storage - another $160Can 😡

We're not the only ones excited to get Vanna out, Carlos wants to see the van and so do Juliana and her husband Fernanda - and he wants to go for a trip LOL!!!!

We DO know that Vanna is in the container! Pic sent by World Cargo a week ago of her squeezed in :)

Dwayne headed off on his own this morning, since no reason for me to sit and wait outside the port area for who knows how long. I went to the local bakery to buy some bread for lunch and decided to try one Arepas de huevo - well I do like the one filled with cheese much better!!!

Girls are always walking down the street YELLING out what fruits they have for sale in their carts :) 

My arepas de huevo 

Dwayne returned at noon without Vanna!! He said the van is out of the container and all is good - nothing exploded in the cupboards (YEAH!!) And of course everything is in the van since Dwayne was there when it was unloaded. IF anything is missing it happened in Canada. Dwayne said the port guy had to climb over the hood and get into the van via the open driver's window ( where the guy from World Cargo would have had to get out) since there is NO room to open the door. But he did it and drove it out :)

He took pictures of the van inside and out and went over to customs. They were happy just to see pictures and didn't actually check out the van. Then it was back to the port authority and waiting for completion of paperwork. After waiting 45 mins Dwayne was told it wouldn't get done before lunchtime, so come back at 1:30.  Guess can't blame the guys since they only have so much time for lunch and just because they worked longer doesn't mean they get to start later! But it would have been nice if they had told Dwayne sooner it wouldn't be done.

Then off he goes again after 1 hoping to be back here by 2:30 :)

I get a Whatapps message and picture from Yair that the van is out and Dwayne is on his way back to the house!!

WOW!!!! She's really here!!!!

This is getting soooooo exciting, sitting on the balcony waiting!!! Just like bringing home a new baby from the hospital!! LOL!!! All four tires are there, the headlights are good, the belly has food in it and it has a cute little butt.......Oh sorry that's Dwayne's butt HAHAHAHA. Guess I'm just crazy happy right now that it has all worked out!!

🎶🎶And here she comes Miss Vanna!!!🎶🎶

Who's happy its all over?!?!?! And he says "I've never sweat this much EVER!!!"
Welcome to my world Dwayne 😰😰😰
A little longer then we had hoped but never the less Vanna is READY TO SEE SOUTH AMERICA WITH US😍😍😍😍😍

Now time to get it packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning :)

Hasta luego en la Playa!!!!


  1. Congratulations! So happy she got released and now we are looking forward to your travels.


    1. Thank you, it was a lot of waiting and walking around to different offices but its done! :) Enjoy Ecuador :)

  2. There are NO other words than YAAAAAAY! Now go have some FUN!