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Weekend Tourist Day 1

Saturday Oct 5

Had a quiet day. Ended up that another couple from Santiago, Chile spent last night here. We only spoke for a while this morning in the kitchen while we were cleaning our dishes and they were making their breakfast. They were staying just the one night and moving on. They are on a one month holiday travelling by bus most of the way. They flew into Lima and then bussed from there. 

Last night when I was checking Airbnb I came across the Shell House on Isla Mujeres, Mex that we first saw when we stayed on the island in a rental house back in 1998. It was pretty impressive then but it has really changed in the last 21 years ;)  Looks VERY nice and would be a neat place to stay. The cost is $399/N.  At least it has a swimming pool because the beach just in front of the house is very rocky and not used when we were there - the water was too rough. We were with another couple at that time and the guys LOVED the North Beach the best - topless beach 👀 

We texted with Carlos to see if we could meet up sometime today, but he was busy with his daughter's soccer games.   Guess we can try and catch up with him on Monday and find out about that  license plate for the front.

So we went to our usually coffee cafe to enjoy the aircon after walking the 2.5 blocks to get there - we were just sweating. It was just after 11 when Dwayne checked accuweather 

We sent this picture by text to the kids - not impressed I guess :)
Nikki says "guess what?  its raining here" LOL!! 

After we finished our coffees we decided to walk to a mall about 3 km away. Hoping to find some shade along the way.  Figure it should be much cooler walking around in the mall then the streets. 

Great Name!!

Crossing over the river. lots of mangroves here
After walking the mall for about an hour we stop and have some pizza for lunch.  Not bad for a medium pepperoni pizza with 2 pepsi for 27,000CP including the tip ($11Can)

We then found a bank to take out some more money, another mil should do it for now! LOL!!! Then it was time to head back to the room for a bit of a rest. 

There some very nice colonial homes in our area

These large colonial heritage properties are now being divided into 3 lots. The original home had large grounds around them and then surrounded by a large cement or metal wall. The walls have been left and then on each side of the colonial home another home has been built.  We are staying in one of those side homes. Still within the wall of the original home and now also a wall between the properties. I tried to get a picture of the home next to us but to many trees to see the house. The one above is down the street from us. 

This is where we are staying - the upper floor. There is room for Vanna whenever we
can get her out!!

After being in the room for awhile and cooled off we decided to go for another walk. It has clouded over a bit so should be nice. We walk to a pharmacy that I bought some cool mosquito cream from that Carlos told us about, but they had none left. This "cream" is a bar of soap that you add water to and lather up in your hands and then apply the lather to your legs and arms. It works GREAT for those damn biting little noseeums!!! I'm even being bothered by them at the house if the windows are open between 5-6pm or 6-7am. I keep the windows closed now in the morning and put the lather on once we are ready to leave and it keeps those little buggers away all day - even by 5 its still working. Great stuff! So want to buy a few more bars to take with us. Took us a few stops at local pharmacies to finally find another 2. Should keep me covered for the next 8 months and hopefully take some to Honduras.

We start walking towards the laundromat to pick up our laundry when we noticed we are only a block from the bay. So we walk over and find there is a nice park walkway all along the bay towards the port when Vanna is :)  We continue on the walkway and see all the private boats in the water - which is nice and warm but there is no beach here. 

This was kinda funny - this guy was doing this for his friends to take a picture and he was pretty impressive
since he was probably close to 60 yrs old!! Was just funny to walk up to and see this guy sticking out from the pole!!  His
friend tried but didnt even get 2 feet off what ground at the same time
Container ship in the background going out

Lots of sailboats in this harbour

This people have wonderful views of the bay 

We finish by getting a few groceries and picking up the laundry, all nicely tagged so we didnt loose anything. Then back home and made dinner. Another day of 7.5 kms :)

Sunday we are going to go into the Getsemani area of Cartegena and maybe up to San Felipe Fortress

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