Where are we?

Yup think I am use to the altitude - finally!!

Monday Oct 21

Woke up this morning at 6 and felt great! No headache, stomach is ok so guess I'm finally use to this altitude :)  So I made coffee since its usually Dwayne but he's still in the sack! Awake but not ready to get up yet. Once I make the coffee I put it into a thermos and take it to the main building to enjoy sunshine and wifi. Want to do more searching for things to see and do. I only have plans made to Bogota. So better check a few more places after that.

It is so nice and calm here. We've decided to stay another night and we can do the walk to the waterfall later this morning. Hernando is going to get one of the guys that works here to show us the way because he says there are a few crossroads and he doesn't want us to get lost - gee thought it was only about a 20 min walk ๐Ÿ˜‰

We've been on the road now for 12 days roaming with Vanna and have really enjoyed Colombia!! Beautiful country - even if we have to go really high to see it! LOL!!! The people here are all so friendly, always ready to help whenever you need it. Like Carlos, he says wherever you are and you need help phone me - that is so nice to know ๐Ÿ˜Œ We love the food here in the restaurants and the street vendors - all really tasty ๐Ÿ˜‹  Grocery prices are cheap and using IOverlander we always find a spot to park. So we hope this continues through the rest of Colombia. Originally we were to spend a month in each country, but since we started out late from Cartegena we'll be a little longer than the end of October in Colombia.  We'll make up for it later because I don't think we will be spending a month in Bolivia.

We meet with Juan who will take us to the falls. We change into our walking shoes and long pants and I get out my hiking poles and off we go uphill.  Told Juan we will be going slow. As we are going up I'm feeling OK.  After about 30 minutes we get to the falls (guess we are walking slow! LOL!). One of the local dogs has followed us and once we get down to the falls he jumps into the water and plays around. Then runs down the path and digs up the path a bit and then runs back to the water! Loco perro!!! But have to watch him because he is big and heavy and can easily bowl us over along the path!  I dont want a "Judy knocked down by dog and broke ankle" incident! After we sit at the falls for bit - which are small because they haven't had a lot of rain lately, we walk over to the top of another small waterfall. Quite a ways down! Juan steps out to the edge and takes a picture for us. I keep watching Loco Perro because he's running around all over the place!

Trudging up the hill with Juan

Juan picked up this rock with a fossil embedded

Pretty flowers along the way

Not huge but calming :) 

Loco Perro playing in the water ๐Ÿ˜

You can see the small upper pool above the falls 

Old Man's beard lichens

Juan standing above the second small falls 

I peeked over but couldn't see the falls 

Juan took this picture over the ledge for me

On our walk back

We can here thunder in the distance and figure we better head back home even though Juan says it probably won't rain until 4-5:00. By the time we got back to Vanna we walked 4km.

Later that afternoon it does start to rain pretty heavy and lots of lightning and thunder! So loud here!! But we stay in the main building so I can use the wifi, but that doesn't last long because the power keeps going off and on, so the wifi is disconnected. Juan starts a fire in one of the fireplaces and we cozied up to enjoy it and stay warm. Took awhile to get it going but Dwayne helped it along :)  It's getting close to 5 so will be heading back to Vanna soon and get dinner going. Yesterday I was able to cook up sweet potatoes, black beans, quinoa and made myself 6 veggie burgers to freeze ๐Ÿ˜So tonight I get to have one while Dwayne has chicken.

Last night we watched 3 episodes of Rookie Blue (DVDs we brought along) on our little TV from the trailer,  just using our battery and it worked well, we'll probably do the same tonight. Just wish we had some popcorn!! LOL!!

Tomorrow back on the road and going to the little village of Valle de Leyva and new sights. Going to miss this place! But we have lots to see yet and we need to get to a store again, can't buy a lot of groceries at one time since not alot of room in the fridge.

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