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Waterfalls and Swings

Friday Nov 22

Yesterday we had a quiet day, a great rest day after Wednesday's tour. My butt is still sore from sitting on a 2x6 board we had to use as a seat!

Anyways by the time I finished doing some more research on what to see in Ecuador and Peru we headed to the central Mercado to find some lunch. At the mercado they sell fruit, drinks and some fast foods.  We tried some potato and cheese pancakes - or close to pancakes, just thicker. She put on some type of gravy on it. They weren't to bad, I liked the crispy outside.  Then tried a cheese empanada. Not bad either but could hardly find the cheese!!

So we left and thought we should find something more for lunch at a restaurant. That's when we passed the cooked pig on the counter!  The girl gave me a taste and I was in! So we went in and had their lunch special of pork, maiz (big kernels of corn) a couple of the potatoe pancakes and then a onion salsa ladled over top. Oh and plus some crispy pork skin (crackle- not pork fat (like piggy puffs) I was very tasty but I couldn't eat it all. I had had enough potatoes!

Cheese empanadas

Roast Pork 

Pork dinner - potatoes pancakes at the bottom

Waterfall near our campsite

Zoomed in to the top :) 

Some of the water runs along here where laundry use to be done, now I guess you can wash your dog :) 
Then we walked around some and I grabbed an iced coffee and we sat in the park and people watched for awhile. Said hi to one of the couples that were on our tour and saw another but she was walking the other way.

Soon it was almost 3 so we start to head back. Figured we should go for another massage 😀 but we'll try a different one this time. There are sooo many to choose from!! Anyways the massage lasted about an hour including a facial, but I thought the first massage was better. When we left I still had a little pain in my leg, which I didn't have when we left the first massage.

We walk to the thermal pools but they close between 4-6pm.  So we walked up to the falls and then headed back to Vanna. After supper we changed and headed back to the hot pools right at 6. I had heard it gets pretty busy with the locals at night. Entrance fee is only $3 plus you have to buy a swimming cap to cover up! Good idea since most girls have long hair, but even the guys have to wear one. We looked pretty cute in our little swim caps 😂

We first go to a medium hot pool, and there is still lots of room since we are early. The water is not really hot until you move over to the water outlet, then it's really hot! After awhile the pool fills up and we move downstairs to the very hot pool! Only suppose to stay in for 5 mins.  Which we did then I went into the cold pool - Dwayne chickened out ;) Then back into the hot pool. We did this a couple of times, hot than cold. Dwayne did eventually try the cold pool but hardly got past his thighs! LOL!! Guess that extra layer of fat I have helps in the cold pool haha!! We were ready to leave by 7pm.

This morning we packed up and headed out to the big waterfall called Pailòn del diablo (the devil's cauldron)  We arrive at the entrance just before 11am. We read the sign which states it's a km walk with a drop of 300m.  We start going and it's pretty steep going down, I'm just thinking about the walk back!! We get near the bottom and find the entrance and pay $2 each to get in.  Then it's UP again on the stairs along the side of the falls. Wow these are bigs falls!! Lots of water coming over the edge. We get near the top and the spray from the water is getting us wet! There is a path going under the rock that we crawl thru to get even higher. When we come out we are really starting to get wet from the spray! There are a few more steps we can climb to almost get under the waterfall, so I try it and get soaked! Guess I'll be cool on our walk back up1

Small waterfall on the way down

Love how the plants just grow on the rocks since it is humid here
Stairs to the falls
The Pailón del diablo

Here is the part we had to crawl thru on hands and feet to get thru this opening! One point I was on my hands and knees :) 

Above the stairs is where we took the selfie and then thru the small opening and you can just see part of the railing under the big rock

Then I walked up even further to get really close AND wet!!

Got a little soaked LOL!! 

After awhile we head back down to go across a suspension bridge so we can view the whole waterfall. Luckily the suspension bridge is pretty sturdy so I'm not freaking out! LOL!!!

Once I get a few more pics we start the climb back up. Uggg it's not easy!  I'm having to take a lot of breaks, guess it's just the altitude because this shouldn't be this hard!! By the time we get to the top I'm drained! The only thing that was keeping me going was an ice cream at the end LOL!!!!

Once we enjoyed our ice cream and rest it's now time to head over to Casa de Arbol - which is on the road back to Baños and up high so we can see another volcano called Tungurahua which we couldn't see from Baños. Also there is a swing up there that has you swinging over the valley! If you ever check what to do in Ecuador a picture of someone on that swing will always come up 😊

It's a steep winding road to get to the swing.  When we park we have to walk up another steep path to get to the park - man my quads are goin' be sore tonight!!  We pay the entrance fee of $1 each. This place is also a seismic monitoring station of the Tungurahua volcano.

We find the swings and I get on. There is a concrete ramp you can back yourself onto to get a good swing, but I only backed up half way and once I was swinging I was screaming!! After a couple of swings I stopped and backed up all the way to the top of the swing and let go! Wow was it exhilarating!! Then Dwayne did it and he said if I was screaming on this swing I would have not liked the rope swing! Well I was glad to do this swing, it was fun 😂 Unfortunately Tungurahua volcano was covered with cloud. I was able to get a couple of shots of it, but still had some cloud coverage.

Tungurahua Vocanco

This was shot I got going up to the swing of the volcano

Baños is down in that valley

Monitoring station
We then went into the restaurant and ordered a couple of cheese empanadas each. These ones were so much better then the ones from yesterday! While we ate we watched a group of people trying to get on the swing and the nerve to swing! Funny watching them, I was sure the guys were going to scream but they didn't.  After watching them for awhile we head out and walk around, there are alot of plants here and some with beautiful coloured flowers. Then it was time to head out and start driving towards the highest volcano in Ecuador - Chimborazo at 6263m!  It's about 1.5hrs away.

Yup chickens allowed in the restaurant! LOL!
I love closeups of flowers, they always make me smile :)

After driving for about an hour all of a sudden we can see the snow capped volcano! It's clear out so I get some great pictures of it!  The campground we were going to go to see the volcano is at 12,500' so since we can see the volcano quite well from where we are at 8000' we won't drive up.  Driving along and we see people with scarfs wrapped around their neck and face, didnt think it was THAT cold out here, but it is for them I guess.

Another snowcapped volcano 

Since we are close to another propane outlet we decide to drive over there hoping it stays open until 5pm. But when we get there the guard says they close at 4 and wont be open until Monday.  So we park in the large parking lot they have and Dwayne takes the propane tank out of the box in the back attaches the hose and fills up Vanna's propane tank. It was down to 1/4 full and he was able to fill it with the upside down tank to 3/4 full. That should last us now until Peru, where we've read it is much easier to fill mounted tanks.

It's now close to 5:30 and we don't want to drive into Riobamba this late, we stop at a gas station to spend the night.  They have free wifi so I got to work on my blog :)

Saturday Nov 23

Woke up this morning to find out that we are parked right by the market. It's been busy since 6:30 with people bring their animals in to sell, plus produce and fruit. It's a huge market! It's not long before we head out and go to Riobamba where I hope to buy tickets for the train to Nariz del diablo - the Devil's Nose which is part of the train route where the train has to ascend 500 meters in 12 kms. From what I've read it has to zigzag back and forth. Will know more once we go :)

Walking the pig to the market 

I saw them open the tailgate and put a sheep inside! So funny to see

Bringing their cow to market

There are alot of vehicles at the market

Bags of carrots, corn and cabbage

Taking home her purchase

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