Where are we?


Well I wasn't gone that long at all! We are still in Ecuador :)

We only had 156kms to drive yesterday and it took us 5 hrs!! Lots of mud slides onto the highway to dodge and then the last 30 kms was gravel and pretty much single lane!! It did start raining at one point and we pulled over for awhile waiting to see if the rain would stop. It didnt last long so we decided it was OK to keep going.

Once we got to Zumba we go to fill up with gas but they only take cash. And since this is the last gas station for awhile we have to fill up. We still have 25 kms of crappy road to drive tomorrow and not sure where the next gas station is. We have enough cash to pay for it but then we are pretty well out of cash. So we go to both the ATMs in town and neither will accept our card!

As it turns out today it's raining so we are stuck in Zumba - not going to try and drive that road not knowing how high it goes since the road yesterday was up and down and luckily not cloudy so no clouds to drive thru! But today it would be different.

So we sit and plan and decide we need to drive back north to Loja and then go west from there and back onto the PanAmerican highway and enter Peru that way. There isn't alot we were going to see in the northern part of Peru anyways but just thought since we were so close to the border after visiting Annette we would go.

We sit in Zumba and wait. I decided to make a pot of veg soup for lunch, bought another 3GBs of data and will do more online planning for Peru today. Tomorrow we'll hopefully be able to leave and head back north.

The water just keeps on coming over the highway 

Yup! Long ways down there!

And then all of a sudden back on concrete highway

This river is not to high yet

View of the mud we drove thru from the opposite side 

Doesn't look good!

But passable 

Now we have 30km of this!

Wouldn't be driving these roads at night like the buses do!!

First Bailey bridge

Then an very narrow bridge

Not the best looking crossing we've seen

Doesn't look like this will last long

Made it!

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