Where are we?

Last day in Guayaquil

WOW!! We really put the miles on our last day in Guayaquil! Between biking and walking 9km.  Not sure the biking would register on my iPhone app which was another 6km.

We took the bus (again just paid 15 cents each) and got down to the walking bridge over to Santay Island which is across the river from Guayaquil.  We decided to rent a couple of bikes and ride over. The bikes were $4 each for 3 hours. Not the best bikes by any means but it beat walking in the heat! It's much hotter today then yesterday.  We bike across the bridge and into the Ecovillage.  This village was setup up in 2011 for 50+ families that have been living there for many years. The government built them all the same type of house on stilts with livingroom, kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Stilts because during the rainy season the area floods from the rising river. All have solar panels on the roof for their power.  The families still fish and make extra money when tourist come over the bridge and walk and ride the wooden walkways thru the mangroves and stop at their eateries and artesan shop.

The area is very dry now since the rainy season doesnt start until Jan.  I see a few blue butterflies! But can't catch any with my camera. They are beautiful! Didn't see any birds but did see crocodiles! They are kept in 2 big fenced in muddy ponds.  Not sure how many are in there, but counted at least 6 in one.  We then had a couple of empanadas and some chicken and fries to help their economy 😉😉

A few things to remember before crossing the bridge - use the toilet! LOL!!

Looking at downtown Guayaquil

The houses 

The one on the right burnt down

Fishing boats 
Guayaquil industrial area

We pedal back across the bridge an hour later then find a bus to take us back to the Malećon because we missed a traditional Ecuadorian food court yesterday because it was further south from where we were walking. We find the bus but because we didnt have exact change the driver charged us 30 cents each - oh well can't argue with the driver!  We get to the Malecón and soon find the food court area because it is really busy here today being Sunday! We check the menus and nothing really calls out to us. So we just keep walking by and end up at the grocery store that is along here and buy a couple of ice creams and water. To hot to really eat a big meal!

Then it's time to go to another Malećon - it's along a small river and is called Malecón el Salado. Also done at the same time as the Malećon along the River Guayas Here they have a water fountain that "dances" to music. At night the lights come on and suppose to be beautiful. We'll just have to see it during the day.
Well that's where the dancing waters are suppose to be :(

Lots of sitting areas, and food vendors at this bridge crossing at the Malećon el Salado

Bumper boats

So again we wait for another bus - this time we have the correct change, hop on pay and find a seat. About 15 mins later we're at our stop. But once we get off and find the fountain we see its not working! :( Bummer!  Oh well there is a pedestrian bridge that zigzags across the river so we'll walk over there since the bus home stops in that area.

We walk along the park that lies next to the river which is really nice. Lots of benches to sit on and playground for the kids. When we get to the bridge it is really cool! Lots of plants on this bridge along with benches. So much nicer then just a plain old walking bridge!

One of my favourite flowers - Plumeria 

Dwayne found one and put it in my ear - I mean OVER my ear! LOL!!

Cool carving done on a tree trunk

And the ZigZag bridge 

With benches and plants
We get on our bus and get back to Vanna in about 15 minutes.  This morning when we left we saw one restaurant cooking 2 "butterflied" pigs over coals on a big rotisserie!  It was smelling really good! So when we got back we walked over there to see if they were still open so we could enjoy some bbq pork for dinner, but unfortunately they were closed :(  Guess it's sandwiches for supper tonight since I didn't take anything out of the freezer this morning. Plus I really don't feel like making supper tonight LOL!!

Tomorrow we leave and head back up to the cooler highlands again and to the city of Cuenca. Third largest city in Ecuador and suppose to be a beautiful clean colonial city. Will probably spend a couple of days there.

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