Where are we?

Paracas National Park and Islas Ballestas

Our last couple of days have been spent checking out Paracas and the Paracas National Park - which is only a HUGE sand area with a few beaches, but other then that not much to see.  I read that we can see sea lions, but found none.  We did see some flamingos, but they were right near where we were parked on the beach outside of the park. Anyways there was LOTS of blowing sand. I also wanted to see the Candelabra carved in the side of a hill in this park, but was told can only see it on a boat tour 😏

Just a bit of a fixer-upper :)

These flamingos were on the way to Pisco and there were a few pink ones. Most seem to be white

Now driving in the National Park

Can you see Dwayne waving??  Come back!!!

View the opposite way

Yup more sand

Locals fishing on the lower rocks - actually hardened sand!

Wouldn't stand to close to the edge of those cliffs

Catamaran in the bay and the resorts of Paracas in the background.  Next to where we are parked is the Hilton Double Tree and the rooms start at $400/n!!

These flamingos were on the beach we were camping at. Also white 

This one had a little pink

We enjoyed our beach camp spot because lots of action out on the water watching the kite boarders! Looks like lots of fun and they have 4 schools to teach you right on the beach here. But I'm past that stage of being able to do that! Think I'll just save my money for a tandem parasailing adventure!!

Beach and malecon 

The beach in front of us before the kiters arrive

skimming along the water

We booked a book trip out to Islas Ballestas to see the wildlife (called poor man's galapagos😂)  We left at 8am to enjoy the calm waters of the morning in a fast boat! 2-200hp engines to get us to the island and back :)  The ride is really smooth this morning.  We go over to see the Candelabra of the Andes carved in the side of the sand dune,  but because its cloudy out the pictures are not that great. This carving in the sand is to be said to have been done around 200BC  The design is cut 2 feet into the sand and is almost 600' tall and can be seen 20kms out in the sea. Why?? Who really knows.

Our boat

Paracas village
Hard to see but it's there - Candalabra 

Then to the islands, which by the time we got close we could already smell it!!! There is so much bird poop on the islands they are white! No trees on these islands, just rock and a research station.  We ride around the island and see alot of sea lions laying around on the rocks sunning themselves. Saw one male sea lion but he was on the beach in the shade with a few of his "harem" around him.  I read that seal lions eat penguins! Well that's crazy that they both live on the same island!! Then we see a group of penguins waddle down from the high rocks and follow each other as they jump into the ocean! So funny to see they swim because they pop out of the water - like a swimmer doing the butterfly stroke. I thought they just dive and swim mostly underwater.  Anyways that was the only sighting we saw of the cute little guys! Lots of blue footed boobys here to but their feet are not that blue, probably stained white from all the bird poop! LOL!!! I read that they do harvest the 'guano' (poop) and use it to make fertilizer. So guess there is some good use of the stinky stuff!!

And there are the cuties!


Big guy on the beach with his girls 

Waving hi to the touristas!

All that black on this island are birds!!!

Boobys and babies 
Our New Years Eve was spent watching the kite boarders and later calling the kids to wish them a Happy New Year.  Our grandson Cruz is already talking about going camping with us this summer! He asked if we can go for 3 WEEKS this time!! I said that should be OK- oops!! That was the wine and sour pisco drinks talking! 😱😱 Maybe as they get older there will be less "disagreements" between them 😉  Guess no use looking for land this summer because we won't be around long enough to really use it!

A group of locals came by tour bus and set up tents right behind us. So tonight we are not alone.  They plus the hotel next to the kite school set off fireworks at midnight which woke us up since we were long in bed by then LOL!! Think we made it to 10:30 😂 And that's it for another decade! Welcome 2020 😍

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  1. I'm trying Google Chrome to see if my comment gets to you :-)
    Flamingos are born grey. They don't turn pink until they're mature and have a steady diet of shrimp. It's their diet that turns their feathers pink.

    Wow, all that sand looks beautiful! Happy New Year!