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Glacier Perito Moreno ✅

WOW!! Glacier Perito Moreno is quite something to see! Entrance fee for the National park was 800AP ea ($18) for the day.  Once we got to the main parking area we then had to take a shuttle to the viewing area of the glacier.

To bad we only heard some big cracks but never saw any calving. They have built nice metal walkways all thru the area with large viewing areas with benches for people to sit and wait, but it was very windy up there and cold! We sat and waited for awhile to see if anything was going to happen but once we got cold we kept walking around and finally back to the shuttle bus.  

Driving up to the glacier takes us along Lago Argentino and open pampas, with the cross wind really making Dwayne work! 

Our first view when driving up
The blue ice is magnificent! It is 5km wide at this end

70 meters high above the water, 100 meters below and 30 kms in length

Missed seeing those huge chunks fall off

Even though it is moving 2m a day this glacier is not shrinking - it continues to grow with new snowpack

Huge ice chunk floating in the lake - which of course is REALLY cold!

Before we went up there we walked around the city of El Calafate. Very expensive touristy place! And busy!!  Lots of souvenir stores, sports shops and restaurants.  Also lots of backpackers here, there are 2 areas near where we are that allow them to set up their tents for free. Guess because it has bathrooms there and the residents here would probably have them camp there free and use bathrooms instead of camping wherever.  The city also has an international airport, so that also brings in lots of tourists to come and see Glacier Perito Moreno 😁

I really wanted to go out for dinner and have bbq lamb cooked over a wood fire :) but realized that we are crossing into Chile on Wednesday so have to eat what we can't take across the border.  Since they didn't check our freezer last time, we can't be sure that will happen again and I know they would take all the meat.  So we had the steak that I bought to keep for Dwayne's birthday dinner, kept some chicken for tomorrow's dinner, and sausage for breakfast tomorrow. Had some hamburger left so cooked that up and gave it to the dog that hangs out where we are camping.  We came back to  the same spot as last night since there is no wind here like there is once you leave the city!  Crazy how much wind whips across the pampas here.  

Other stuff we'll either eat tomorrow or I'll have to throw out. Seems this next border may be alot more diligent since most people are driving right thru Chile and back into Argentina.  I'm even throwing out my honey!  Crazy having to throw out even garlic! Oh well - guess because Chile exports alot of food products they don't want any diseases brought in 😷  And all this for a quick 1 day drive thru Chile - we have to use a ferry in one part, so hoping it is not to windy as then we will be waiting since it doesn't sail on real windy days. We have 3 days to get to Ushuaia :)

Nice hotel that has been here since 1933

The glacier is named after Francisco Moreno an explorer of the area (1852-1919) and was instrumental in determining the border between Chile and Argentina

Main street thru the city with huge pines in the centre which is makes the street look pretty

Checking Polar steps it shows we have now been travelling for 147 days leaving only 97 days left!! Plus we've put on just over 18,000km and we have at least another 10,000 to go before getting to Chile again for shipping. 

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