Where are we?

Ushuaia - end of the world and Birthday Surprise :)

Well we made it to Ushuaia a day before Dwayne's 65th birthday and I surprised him by booking an airbnb room for a couple of nights!! Yes we are out of Vanna for 2 nights!  Room to spread our wings LOL!!!  Have a nice shower (even though we did have that when we were staying in Mendoza) - plus it has this great little footpath thingy! Just what I need to do my pedi but it's a little high so had to bring in one of the kitchen chairs 😂  There is also have free wifi, TV but of course nothing in English :(  Plus great for me to have some room in the kitchen and 4 burners to use!! Not that I really need more then 2 LOL!!!

Photo bomber!!

Nice setup for my pedi 😂

This somehow does not seem safe - 3 floors up with no bars/screen  Weird! Guess kids wouldn't be in this room.

Vanna resting outside the building
When we first got here we went straight thru town to the Ushuaia sign because it was sunny out and we were lucky because shortly afterwards it was raining.  Then we headed to the room to check in at 2pm.  It's a nice bachelor suite in a new 4 storey apartment building - Dwayne was quite happy!!  We spend the rest of the afternoon in the room and just enjoyed :) 

Next morning we took our time getting ready. I made Dwayne his favourite breakfast - Huevos Rancheros, but did not have frijoles or fried platano so had to make do with fried potatoes (which he probably loves move anyways)  Then we headed out to walk around Ushuaia. Boy it's cool today - only about 10C with a high today of 12C!  We're going to have to head NORTH for warmer weather! LOL!!! That's a first! 

We had to check all the souvenir stores to make sure we bought something from the End of the World.  I keep thinking why do they say that when there is still Antartica, but no one actually lives on Antartica. There are scientists that visit the science station but there are no villages or towns, so guess that's why Ushuaia is the End of the World, no one lives further south. 

Today we see there is another cruise ship in port! Going to be busy and it was. But by 2pm everyone must have gone back because the streets were quiet.  We stopped for lunch at a La Parrillada restaurant - barbecued meats :)  We both had the lamb and it was delicious! So good we forgot to take a picture LOL!! But I did get a shot of the bbq filled with lots of different meats.  Then it was time to head back home for a nap LOL!!  Put on 6kms walking just down the main street and back. 
Birthday Breakfast :)

The building the suite is in - good address! Had no trouble remembering it 😉

One of the glaciers we can go to - maybe tomorrow
Cruise ship in port

Sign coming into town

Walking towards main street

Nice apartment, but.....

Think it pretty well cutoff any view the red house had!

Guess this makes sense since the English from the Falkland Islands were first to move here - hence all the sheep farms

Lots of older wooden buildings still standing 

We did go into this restaurant first - around since 1951 -but didn't find anything exciting on the menu. Burger and chips $14C plus they had a 50p ($1) per person table charge! What is that about??
But the interior did have a nice ambiance :)

This is a picture of the penitentiary that was opened here in 1920 and closed in 1945.  BUT they wanted $60C entrance fee to see it and 3 other museums that really wouldn't have interested us! Crazy!! So just took a picture that was in the entrance LOL!!

Views along the way into Ushuaia,  back in the mountains again :) 

Driving into Ushuaia 

Lago Esmeralda in front and Lago Fagnano in the background 
Lago Fagnano is a huge lake - 98 km long 

Big waves on the lake

Nice to see tree covered mountains again 


  1. eek, glad that bidet you used for your feet was clean. It sure looked like a really nice air bnb -- great idea as a surprise for Dwayne's birthday.
    Those original wood buildings sure are in great condition. So nice they're so well looked after to last so long.

    1. Sorry didnt reply sooner, but I have to switch over to Chrome to beable to leave a reply. You must also have to switch from Safari to Chrome to enter a comment? Yes the bidet was clean LOL!!- the whole place was very clean, just funny no one else commented about my footbath LOL!! Yes it was a great surprise for Dwayne, he really enjoyed it.