Where are we?

More riding around on bicycles and motorcycle.

Since it was Father's day last Sunday Dwayne rented a Harley Road King and he and Dan - on his Street Glide -  rode the loop from Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, Duffy Lake Road to Lillooet and then down to Hwy 1 along the Fraser River to Hope.  It was to bad that not many places were open, they did find a Sushi place open in Whistler so had some type of rice bowl meal for lunch and then stopped at good old A&W in Hope for Teen Burger supper.  Just over 500km for the day. They had decent weather, only a little rain in Vancouver after leaving Eagle Rider Rental in the morning after picking up Dwayne's bike.  
Along Duffy Lake Road

Dan's Street Glide - pretty color!

Locked up for the night

While Dwayne was out riding I finished the final process of making sourdough bread that I started on Thurs. I had everything down up to putting the dough in the fridge overnight Sat in the bannetons to bake Sunday morning.  I have to bake in Nikki's ovens because the trailer one is to small and hard to get to 450 degrees!  I made 2 loaves and 1 came out not bad. Think I over proofed it because while it baked it didn't pop out in the long slash I made on the side. Sooooo that means I will do it again this week and see it I can get the "perfect" loaf :)  The second one almost ended up on the floor as I was taking it out of the dutch oven to brown a little more in the oven just on the rack.  I grabbed it in time but kinda squished one side :(  Still baked ok and tasted good toasted :)  I found that I prefer to bake the loaves on a pizza stone instead of inside of a dutch oven. Seems to brown nicer - that's how I baked the loaf below. 

Then Monday morning it was time to take the Harley back to the rental place and pick up Dan's car that was left there overnight.  I decided to go with Dwayne and then we could do a little touring around Vancouver on our way back.  I haven't been on a bike for almost 11 years! And that was on my own bike, not as a passenger.  I like to be in charge of my own destiny! LOL!! I'm not a very good passenger! Anyways I got on the bike and settled in for the hour ride to the shop.  Must say I had my butt muscles pretty tight on some of the corners!!  Alot more frightening being a passenger then driver! But we got there no problems 😂

Once we returned the bike we got in the car and drove over for a quick hot dog and fries lunch at Costco in Richmond, since Nikki had forgotten a few things on our trip Sunday. Her first time in Costco since beginning of March so she was a little excited and forgot a few things LOL!!!  After that we drove thru downtown Vancouver and over the Lions Gate Bridge to Hwy 1 and then we cut across to Hwy 7 to drive back along the north side of the Fraser River for a change.

Driving thru Vancouver was fun, haven't been thru here in years. So many highrises!! One particular one was very strange, it looked liked it had more condos on top then the bottom, but it was just an elusion! The building is "twisted" a little so gave it that cool look.  At least it's something different. 

We didn't get to drive thru Stanley Park because it's closed to 2way traffic, and we were going the wrong direction :(  Just this week the city opened one lane for cars but still keeping the other lane for people on bicycles so they are not riding on the seawall along with people who are walking. 

It looked bigger on top then the bottom
Until we got beside the building

View from the side, it is bigger on the top!

A little color on the side of that building
After getting across the Lions Gate bridge and over to Hwy 7 we saw a strange sight in the Fraser River - an old rusted out BC ferry!! I googled it and read that it was bought by a couple of old guys The Tapp brothers (one is 77 yrs old)  that farm here in the Pitt Meadows area along the river.  They bought the ferry - Queen of Sydney back in 2002 two years after the government decommissioned the ferry after 40 years of service. Nothing has been done with it because there are numerous liens etc on the ferry by the government for non payment by the Tapp brothers. A couple of guys that want nothing to do with the government "boys" LOL!!! So the wreck sits in the river rusting away along with another ferry they bought! Hard to believe the federal government which has jurisdiction over the river can't get the junk removed. Guess they could but we would be the ones paying for it since the brothers seem to careless. Also in the writeup it says the agricultural land they live on is a total mess because of all the old derelict vehicles they have - yet the tree hugging BCers won't allow a pipeline thru their province which would be totally monitored for any leaks so they could be repaired quickly!!  Yup!! 😤

A little hard to see since I took the picture from the highway, but it looks pretty ugly!
Today we decided to get out on the bikes once more since it's suppose to rain the next couple of days. We rode along the south side of the Fraser river on the Canyon to Coast trail. It's part of a trail from Hope the Salish Sea - 550k - we only did 23kms of it LOL!!!  The trail goes along a dike between the Fraser River and the Fraser Valley farmland.  Very nice trail. We actually missed getting on the start of the trail and rode our bikes along one of the side roads, which wasn't busy. Next time we go we'll do more of the trail right from the start and then end up in Chilliwack for a coffee and cake 😂  My kind of bike riding!! LOL!!  Let's hope we don't have to wait to long before it's nice again for riding.  One thing though, when it's raining I get more piano practise in 😍 and time to do some knitting. Right now busy making 3 pairs of slippers for our grandsons to wear when we go camping next month in Cadomin area.  

Oh and I got to use the "old" version of blogger this time so was able to position my pictures where I wanted! I read on the community blog that other bloggers are not happy with the new version and are having problems posting pictures.  Word is that Blogger is working on fixing the problem. At least we can use the old version if we want to for at least awhile before the remove it! 

On the trail we pass a large area that is growing hops for the beer industry. Hops are a climbing plant so it climbs up the strings that are stung out between the poles

The corn here is already at about 2 feet high

Pretty wild sweet peas in the ditch 

Also along the trail is a family's collection of peacocks 


  1. What a great idea for Dwayne to rent the Harley! Looks like they had a really nice trip too. I hear ya about preferring to be a driver than a passenger when on a bike. That's me too. Actually, I'm that way in the car too ;-)
    Boy that irks me that those two old guys are getting away with polluting the river with that ugly old rusted ferry. And in the end, it's going to be taxpayers paying to move it and get it out. Geez!

    Good to see you were able to work around the Blogger problems for now.

    1. Ya renting a motorcycle works well for Dwayne so he can get out for a ride with Dan once in awhile :) I didn't know that you also have your motorcycle license - we like to be in control I guess :) And yes I'm the same with driving except when Dwayne is driving.