Where are we?

Time for an update!

Wow! I just checked and it's been 3 months since I added to my blog. Of course that's normal since I seldom make any entries when we are not actually travelling. I have been updating on facebook but getting tired of all the ads and crap on it and not seeing much of any updates from friends, I decided I'd use my blog for updates now.

We spent from Mar 18- May 16th in the BnB in Abbotsford and then left to go back to Alberta to pickup our truck and 5th wheel. It was in storage at our friend's place for the winter near Spruce Grove. They invited us to stay in the back of their acreage where there was water and power. So that was great! Nice spot and lots of stuff for Dwayne to do. 

We picked up our Ebikes in Edmonton and brought them out to Spruce Grove. Did go back into Edmonton a couple of times to go riding on trails that Greg showed us. I only crashed once - more because the bike is so much heavier then I'm use to plus there is a bit of a learning curve to riding these bikes. Also went for a bike ride and picnic with Jesse, Jen and the boys at Chickakoo Lake. Found some very steep hills there that I couldn't ride up!  But it was a fun outing. 

Dwayne built a neat rack on the back of our trailer with help from Gary with his welding skills.  The bikes are well secured and locked once loaded on. Dwayne built it so a pipe goes down into the the tube where the seat stem locks into. Then he attached a chain and can lock each bike up. A little difficult getting the bikes up there since they weigh 60lbs each! Also a little bit of a challenge when loading them into the back of our truck. But we are building muscles and getting stronger!

After spending 3 weeks in AB we headed back to BC to the campground we are members of near Hope. Its only about a 30 minute drive to our daughter's house so pretty handy. Since we get full hookups and a pool to use all for free - we'll take it :) 

On our way to BC we stopped and visited with friends near Innisfail and Calgary that also have houses in Honduras. Enjoyed our visit with our Honduran neighbours that we didn't get to see this past winter. Well we did see 2 of them on our South America travels, visited with Annette in Villabamba, Ecuador and Tom in Mendoza, Argentina.  My brother who lives in Calgary came out to Cochrane to where we camped at an RV park for the night.  Next day it was off to Vernon when again we met up with friends we met while spending a winter in Mexico. They live on an acreage so invited us to stay overnight with them. Had a nice visit and dinner.

We then had a visit with our granddaughter and her boyfriend in Kelowna for a nice vegan lunch and to see her basement suite she moved into last fall. Nice little suite, in a walkout basement, so she has her own little patio outside. 

Then it was time to drive our last 3 hours and get to the campground.  Saturday Nikki had us over for my birthday dinner and cake and a few drinks ;)  Great time! Spent the night instead of driving back because next day Nikki had us booked for pedicures and then I also got my nails done. She convinced me to get gel nails and since we are not going to be going anyway for awhile as far as travelling out of Canada, decided why not! Haven't had them on since we retired 11 years ago!  Yup our 11th retirement anniversary was on June 13th - the day before I turned 56!  Since the plan had always been to retire at 55!! LOL!! Made it by one day. 

Last night we had a quick visit with one of my sisters and her husband who are staying near Surrey in their trailer for a few months while Pete is working out here. 

Since we got here the weather has been rainy most days, so haven't gone far until today. Decided to ride our bikes to Harrison Hotsprings - 36km roundtrip.  Once we got to Harrison Lake we had our picnic lunch that we brought with us and a rest.  The clouds seemed to be coming in so decided we should get back.  Ride took us about 40 mins for 18km. Love these bikes!! Get around to see so much more with them! 

When we got back the clouds disappeared and it got very warm! Bad thing is that the FLUFF is blowing all over here making it look like it's snowing! Geez there are ALOT of seeds floating around! 

After entering my blog I find out that blogger has again changed because I use to be able to add pictures where I wanted to - usually after  my little blurb.  Now they just added to the end of my blog 😏  Why keep changing??  So they are a little our order - I did make comments on each one but I can't see that either!! Guess I'll see it all once I publish the blog.

Now it's time to hit the pool!!!😎


  1. Sounds like you guys really like your E-bikes. I'm sticking with the manual ones. You guys have covered a lot of ground even during the pandemic -- always having fun!
    I too am only using my blog/website. For the time being, I do make a point of visiting FB every second day to see if certain people (that definitely includes YOU) are giving updates and I'll comment. But I've quit posting on FB and now only leave links to my website updates. Since I've started doing that, I've realized very few are really posting updates anyway!

    Happy trails Lyd and Dwayne and I look forward to more blog posts.

  2. Yes I guess we have got around a little - guess since we always have our house with us LOL!!! I agreed not much on facebook, I'm going to starting checking out a couple of people to see if they are posting and will comment. But also not posting cuz I may say the wrong thing and ppl get pissed LOL!! And yes we love our ebikes, surprising how much exercise I still get, I can decide on how much assist I want or not, definitely helps getting up the hills :)